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It's the biggest thing to happen to Digital Signage in the smallest possible way

incredible performance & battle tested...

mediaDROID+ ARM® Hex core with Android 9.0 Digital Signage Player

- Supports both vertical and horizontal modes
- Comes with both Ethernet and WiFi

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It's the biggest thing to happen to Digital Signage in the smallest possible way.. Engineered by, the dedicated player ensures seamless playback with exceptional performance. The mediaDROID+ effortlessly manages HD videos, animations, RSS feeds, and it is optimized for the SignPlayer PWA App, all at an unmatched value. It effortlessly connects to ANY screen through HDMI, Ethernet, or WIFI. And with tens of thousands of units sold over a span of a decade, the mediaDROID+ is tried and tested in the field, committed to delivering the outcomes you anticipate with reliability you can count on.

The mediaDROID+ combines all the best hardware features using the latest Amlogic next gen processor and powered by our own specially baked Android 9.0 - this dedicated player was designed to play all day and all night and has been battle tested to deliver digital signage campaigns with high reliability and superb performance. Its metal housing in combination with efficient heatsink provides stable processing for full workload of CPU and GPU.

It is powered by the latest version of our SignPlayer App built in Signage Watchdog, all developed by to deliver uninterrupted and continuous playback so you get all the same set of features with the highest performance compared to any low powered, plug-N-play, stateless, Android based device. The device is about the size of you palm and is ideal for small space installations. All you need to do is to just plug the enclosed HDMI cable to any HDMI screen, connect to either your WiFi or Ethernet to connect to the internet and power it on.

The device is powered with the supplied 120/240V power supply. The mediaDROID+ can locally cache all your resources on its internal 16GB EMMC drive, so it can operate even when the connection to the internet is lost with no interruption to your audience. We are proud of this device and we know you will be awed with its performance!

  • Hexa 6 core design (4+2) Quad Core ARM® Cortex-A73 (1.7Ghz) + Dual Core ARM® Cortex-A53 (1.8Ghz)
  • Loaded with our special baked Android OS and built in Watchdog (i.e.: SignageController)
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal screen modes
  • Full HD 1080P 60FPS Video
  • ARM Mali TM-G52 MP6(6ppc)
  • RAM DDR4 2GB
  • WiFi 2.4G+5G; 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000MB Port
  • 3 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0 ports
  • Plug & play - Connect to any HDMI port, and begin the presentation playback
  • Single HDMI 2.1 and 2.0 Output (cable included)
  • Local offline caching storage 16GB
  • Includes Power supply 120-230V
  • Dimensions 117x 117 x 18.5mm
  • Net Weight 300g
  • TouchPad for easy initial setup (sold separately)

This products carries the standard warranty and return  policy

mediaDROID+ | add interactivity to your screens

Deploy Kiosk and Interactive with the mediaDROID+

- Easy start with pre-built touch templates
- Point and click interface
- Zero programming configuration
- Supports tablets and touch screens

the mediaDROID+ can be connected to a touch based screen (simulated mouse clicks) and through our mediaTOUCH interface provide the perfect kiosk solution. Best of all, the mediaCLOUD provides dozens of touch based templates so starting with a ready to go solution is just of point and click. The mediaDROID+ comes ready for both Digital Signage and Kiosk / touch, so you can start with one technology and at anytime move to the other, it's that easy!

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