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workspace experience

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to enhance the overall workspace experience for all employees of any size company. Digital signage can be integrated into a workspace experience solution and provide benefits and solutions that are both cost effective and delivered in real time:

1. Communication: Digital signage can be used to keep employees informed and up-to-date with important company news, events, and announcements. This can include displaying real-time data, weather updates, and news feeds.

2. Wayfinding: Digital signage can be used as a wayfinding tool, displaying maps and directions to guide employees through the workspace, particularly in large or complex office buildings.

3. Employee recognition: Digital signage can be used to recognize and celebrate employee achievements, birthdays, and work anniversaries. This can help foster a positive company culture and boost employee morale.

4. Training and education: Digital signage can be used to deliver training and educational content to employees. This can include displaying instructional videos or presentations on company policies, procedures, and best practices.

5. Branding: Digital signage can be used to reinforce a company's brand identity and values. This can include displaying company logos, images, and messaging.

Overall, digital signage can help create a more engaging and interactive workspace experience for employees, improving communication, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Best of all, with our SignPlayer PWA you can run the same presentation everywhere. This means that your message can be posted directly onto the company’s web site in the form of an embedded Signage Player within the HTML page, you can deliver it to employees mobile devices and tablets in a form of a dedicated PWA mobile app, and of course throughout the facilities via Digital Signage screens. Managing content is seamless and updating the message across the board is just a click away. Employees transform into the captive audience and synchronizing between all members of an organization delivers a workspace experience like no other.

in action

To the right you can view a type presentation that we often see our clients create for their employees. It will include a custom YouTube component with a weekly message for its employees, some latest news information and other relevant content that the company is interested in broadcasting as part of the workplace experience messaging solution.

live examples, see it in action

Checkout live examples of Digital Signage presentations. The SignPlayer can run everywhere, on Android, Windows, Mac, iPad and even inside your web browser

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