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With SignStudio's user-friendly features and powerful presentation creation tools, you can completely bypass the digital signage learning curve. Whether you're building a simple presentation or complex one, the mediaDROID will deliver a smooth result everytime. What sets mediaDROID+ apart is that it has been engineered by our team to seamlessly integrate with SignStudio and SignPlayer, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in a compact form factor device. This makes it an excellent choice for those who require a small but powerful digital signage solution that has been thoroughly tested and proven to work flawlessly.

a powerful chipset designed to run cool

The mediaDROID is powered by the latest Cortex A73 ARM processor which delivers seamless digital signage presentation without compromises. A stateless player and so everything is stored internally on the EMMC drive. There are no mechanical drives and its compact and sturdy construction makes it compact and ideal to strap it behind the screens. Its metal housing and heatsink makes it dissipate heat better.

what's inside

Though its running on a Hexa-Core design, the mediaDROID runs cooler than most other android devices - it means the CPU will not throttle down on heavy workload. With its WiFi with MIMO, mediaDROID can attain the speed of 867Mbps on 802.11n making it three times faster compared to other 802.11n devices to date. It has three USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 ports as well as a TF card slot for future storage expansion. Best of all, it is now pre-loaded with our latest baked Android 9.0 OS. No other android devices can match its security, reliability and stunning performance. All it requires is a connection to the internet using its built-in WiFi or Ethernet port. To set it up, connect the power supply, press the power button, configure your WiFi (if you prefer WiFi over Ethernet) or plug in the ethernet cable, register your player software to tie it to your Studio account and and you'll then be ready to enjoy smooth Digital Signage playback.

  • Loaded with our specially baked Android OS, Signage Player Software and built in Watchdog
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal screen modes
  • Full HD 1080P 60FPS Video
  • Powered by Quad Core ARM® Cortex-A73 (1.7Ghz) + Dual Core ARM® Cortex-A53 (1.8Ghz)
  • ARM Mali TM-G52 MP6(6ppc)
  • Storage capacity of 16GB EMMC
  • WiFi 2.4G+5G; 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Ethernet 802.3 10/100/1000M
  • 3 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0 ports
  • 1 x HDMI 2.1/2.0 Output (cable included)
  • Power 120-230V (Input) 12v 2amp (Output)
  • Operating Temperature 0~60℃
  • Storage Temperature -10~60℃
  • Dimensions 117x 117 x 18.5mm
  • Net Weight 300g
  • FCC, CE, RoHS Compliant

smaller is better...

The mediaDROID+ has a compact footprint of just 4 inches (about 10 centimeters), making it easy to conceal from view. It can be effortlessly mounted behind any TV, and its fanless cooling system ensures quiet and unobtrusive operation that won't distract your audience. Moreover, the mediaDROID+ runs on a low voltage power supply, which helps to keep your energy bills low while ensuring uninterrupted engagement with your audience.

In fact, at 60 frames per second with full high definition 1920x1080 the mediaDROID still has plenty of power to spare and run your weather, RSS news, QR and other components.

  • dimensions: 117*117*18.5mm
  • weight: 300g
  • box: 162*162*80mm
  • cable included:: HDMI cable
  • power supply included: 120v/240v


Do you want to run your screen in vertical mode or horizontal mode? Well no worries you do not have to decide right now as the mediaDROID allows you to setup your screen in both landscape and portrait modes. Simply enter its settings and display options and configure the orientation whenever you make up your mind.


The mediaDROID can be equipped with additional accessories including a Touchpad. The Touchpad is ideal for remote management of the mediaDROID when the screen is installed in hard to reach places, it includes both a keyboard and a pointer mouse which operate over a 2.4GHz receiver / transmitter (sold separately).

remotely managed

The mediaDROID+ features unique WIFI and Ethernet hardware modules that enable a persistent retry mechanism, ensuring the device remains connected to the internet as long as your local area network is operational. This guarantees that you can always remotely manage the mediaDROID+ from the SignStudio. In the event of a local network failure that prevents the mediaDROID+ from connecting to the internet, it has been designed to cache all relevant content, including videos, images, RSS feeds, and weather data. This allows the device to continue playing back its cached data, minimizing interruptions for your audience.

Built in Watchdog

The purpose of a digital signage watchdog is to monitor the entire OS and application and take corrective action if it becomes unresponsive or fails to perform as expected. It works by running in the background and periodically checking if the system or application is still running properly. If the watchdog detects a problem, such as an unresponsive program or a system crash, it can automatically take corrective action, such as restarting the presentation or rebooting the system. It ensures that your digital signage system remains operational, even in the event of unexpected errors or failures.

Best of all you will receive the entire health of your devices in the SignStudio so you can have full remote control on each one of your mediaDROID+ deployed in the field. The Watchdog will make sure that there is zero interruption for your captive audience thus delivering a reliable and solid experience.

Frequently asked questions

How do I turn On / Off the mediaDROID?

The mediaDROID is powered using a supplied power supply - simply connecting the power supply turns the unit on. At the side of the unit is the power on/off switch - without unplugging the power supply, press the power switch to turn the unit on or off. In case of a power outage, the player will automatically power up on its on after the power is restored.

How do I connect the mediaDROID to the TV?

Connect the HDMI port of the mediaDROID to your screen's HDMI Input port.

How do I configure WiFi?

When the mediaDROID is turned on the first time, it will auto launch the Signage Watchdog app and in turn will launch the SignagePlayer app. When you see the message indicating that the SignagePlayer is 'Checking Internet Connection...' at which point, with the mouse RIGHT click twice to go back to the [HOME SCREEN]. Next, connect the mediaDROID to the Internet. You can either use the WiFi module or the Ethernet. If you are opting for WiFi, From the [HOME SCREEN] select Settings > Network & Internet, toggle the Wifi switch to list the different WiFi profile - when asked, supply the WiFi password and connect. To verify connectivity, open the Chrome app is found in the [HOME SCREEN]. Once you have verified that your device is connected, you can then reboot the device.

How do I register the mediaDROID?

The first time SignagePlayer software launches, the registration wizard will launch. Register the SignagePlayer with your mediaCLOUD Username and Password. Launch the StudioPro and begin remote managing your presentation.

What is the function of the Signage Watchdog?

The Signage Watchdog uses a live socket connection to the SignagePlayer to verify it is working properly. If the SignagePlayer is crashes or closes for some reason, the Signage Watchdog will kill the Player application and launce it again. The Signage Watchdog is also responsible for launching the SignagePlayer on bootup.

How do I navigate the Android OS?

The mediaDROID supports a standard USB keyboard and mouse. You can also use the free remote control app for Android or iOS and use your phone or tablet as your remote control device.

What screen resolution does the mediaDROID support?

The mediaDROID can be configured to run in any resolution including 1080p as well as 4K. Note however that the SignagePlayer app currently works in 1920x1080 only. We will though in the very near future offer for 4k support also.

What components are supported when building my presentation for the mediaDROID?

The mediaDROID supports the full set of features just like the SignagePlayer Desktop version except for features requiring launching of External Application.

How can I align the 1920x1080 HD screen?

Just download this image from and add it to the resources section of StudioPro. Create a full screen configuration of 1920x1080 and add the hdtest.jpg to the timeline / channel. You will be able to adjust the screen edges on your TV and get a perfect, crystal clear high definition layout.

Does the mediaDROID support landscape and portrait modes?

Yes, the mediaDROID supports both landscape (aka horizontal mode) and portrait (aka vertical mode) modes. You don't need any special screen - simply tilt any HDMI screen to view in proper orientation and set the mediaDROID in the Settings > Device Preferences > Display > Screen Rotation.

Can I use the mediaDROID for food menu board?

The mediaDROID runs all scenes built in the StudioPro and so it is a perfect solution for food menu boards. With the mediaDROID you take the full advantage of the StudioPro creation suit.

How much storage is available on the mediaDROID?

The mediaDROID has 16GB for local storage of campaign caching. It is powered by an intelligent caching mechanism that will remove unnecessary files, so it can accommodate best caching techniques for the current running playback.

What are the recommended reboot conditions for the mediaDROID?

Though the mediaDROID is capable of running for months without a single reboot (or even longer), it is still recommended to at least restart your SignagePlayer app or reboot your device. A daily restart comes handy if you are running a heavy presentation and wish to clear all memory and CPU buffers at a specific time of the day. For example, if your business is open from 9AM in the morning to 7PM in the evening, you may choose to restart the mediaDROID every morning at 8:50 (10 minutes before the business opens).

What's the best way to start the SignagePlayer on the mediaDROID?

For best practice it's recommended you power cycle the device and let the Signage Watchdog auto launch the SignagePlayer. This will ensure proper socket connection between the Signage Watchdog and SignagePlayer. The socket connection between the Signage Watchdog and SignagePlayer is used to confirm the health status of the SignagePlayer.

How does the SignagePlayer update software release updates?

The SignagePlayer app for the mediaDROID is built using dynamic loadable modules which are downloaded from our servers and stored locally on the mediaDROID. This means that any new software release is automatically applied.

How does the mediaDROID+ update the Watchdog?

The Watchdog comes pre-built onto the firmware of the mediaDROID+. We do provide additional optional updates once in a while which you may want to update, but WD updates are optional.

From this point on you will be able to push to the latest major software build updates over the web from your Google Play store account.

How can I manage the presentation remotely?

The mediaDROID needs to connect to the internet through your local area network (just like any other PC). It has a built in WiFi and Ethernet so you can connect to your local network. Once connected to the internet, you will be able to fully manage your presentation from the StudioPro > Stations module.

I uploaded a video but I get no sound, how can I fix it?

Make sure that the videos are encoded using h.264 video and acc audio.

I turned the device on and all I see is 'Checking internet connection', now what?

It usually take about 5 to 10 seconds before the presentation starts. If it seems stuck or you see pinging count "# of 20", you would need to check your network configuration. Review FAQ on Hardware and Software.

It takes a long time to download the presentation, why is that?

The mediaDROID can connect to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet. WiFi connection requires a good nearby wireless hotspot to operate smoothly. If your Wi-Fi connection is slow, we highly recommend you use the Ethernet instead. Once download begins, a progress bar will appear on screen.

How do I clear the cache manually and unregister an account?

To clear the SignagePlayers data including the account registration, go to Settings > Apps > See all apps > Show systems apps > SignagePlayer > click on Force stop and Clear Data.

Where are the files saved on the device?

The SignagePlayer caches the files on its 16GB EMMC drive under the /storage/emulated/0/SignagePlayer directory.

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