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The Enterprise plan

Revitalize your screens with our extensive array of apps! Easily incorporate relevant content from your existing tools to keep your screens dynamic. Seamlessly integrate with social media or prioritize YouTube content.

The Plus+ plan

Upgrade your FREE account and Improve customer experience or increase employee engagement with easily-designed content for any digital screen.

Plus+ benefits

With the Plus subscription, you can pay as little as $3.00 per screen and have the ability to manage an unlimited number of screens, offering greater savings as your network expands. Alongside, you’ll receive 3GB of cloud storage and access to a variety of popular smart components such as the scheduler, playlist timeline, RSS feed integration, Label-Q, external image and video support, XML loader, Countdown feature, Catalog, and more. This subscription offers a simple and cost-effective solution to access these fantastic features at a highly competitive price. If and when you choose to, you can also upgrade from the Plus+ to the Enterprise.


Enterprise benefits

Access the robust SignDashboard and efficiently handle users and sub-accounts through a unified user interface; the enterprise plan stands out as the optimal choice. Enjoy benefits like proof of play, enhanced screen reporting, white labeling, and branding. The enterprise subscription offers top-notch Digital Signage and Kiosk solutions. You'll receive 25GB of storage per sub-account with unlimited account management, access to all smart components, and numerous additional features. If you're serious about Digital Signage and touch, the Enterprise edition is the ideal choice for you.


live examples, see it in action

Checkout live examples of Digital Signage presentations. The SignPlayer can run everywhere, on Android, Windows, Mac, iPad and even inside your web browser

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Find out why people call us “the world’s most popular digital signage platform”

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