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The mediaADNET

As an Enterprise user, you can take advantage of the new Advertising Engine. It`s Simple: one system, one Solution for Every Out-of-Home Platform. The tool is a complete advertising management solution for all your connected screens. Manage all aspects of the out-of-home (OOH) media business including inventory control, scheduling, proof of play, execution, cross business ads and more. Regardless of media type (e.g. billboard, transit shelter, airport, mall, bus, digital signage), the Ad engine delivers creative and flexible campaigns across multiple platforms and multiple markets using one centralized management tool. The MediaSignage Advertising platform is designed to ensure that you can maximize your Ad revenues by using smart digital signage at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Which ads to run?

The Advertising engine uses a concept called “Ad packages”. An Ad package is a collection of resources (i.e. files including videos, images and animation). You can create any number of Ad packages and each Ad package can be added with as many resources you like. Normally each resource is considered one advertisement. For example, if you have an Ad Package called “Coca Cola”, that Ad package would normally hold all your Ads for Coca Cola. Of course you can also mix Ads from other Advertisers in a single Ad Package and it’s up to you. You can also set priority of a resource by percentage within an Ad Package, thus increasing the probability of total impressions within the Advertising campaign.

Where to to run the Ads?

The Ad engine allows you to search for available stations across your entire network. A single Ad package can be pushed to a station at a local Pizza shop and to a Car dealership at the same time across the country; two individual, separate accounts that can share the same Ad package. You can search for available stations using keywords, Meta tags, Geo location. Filter the data any way you like. You also have the ability to connect the Ad engine to the mediaADNET and expose your network to other Advertisers as well. The mediaADNET allows you to increase your revenue by permitting others to search your network and buy available Ad space.

When to run the Ads?

Finally, the Advertising engine allows you to schedule your Ad packages. Decided on which days to run each individual Ad package on what days of the week and at what times. You can even set the start date and end date so you don’t have to worry about remembering when to run your Ad packages. You can even set price tables. Price tables allow you to price individual Ad packages depending on when they are played. For example, you can charge Advertisers more on the weekends and less during weekday morning. All the information are collected and reported back as proof of play report. The Advertising engine is all about providing advanced campaign management and scheduling that allows you to deliver the right ad at the right time to the right customer across thousands of screens. The mediaADNET Advertising platform allows you to finely target advertising based on sites, demographics, time of day and specific screens; all with the simplest user interface for both you (the network owner) and your Advertisers. Best of all, you can take advantage of a slimed down, white labeled version of the SignageStudio and embed it directly onto your own web site to allow your Advertisers a portal for Ad management. You can also use the API that we provide (Application Programming Interface) and create your own portal that caters to your own business logic and needs.


  • Playback Analytics including Proof of play
  • Integrate existing campaign and timelines using the Ad Component
  • Easily address massive number of Ads to different stations across businesses using Ad Packages
  • Set station with different hourly price / rate for Ads at any given hour per week
  • Expose your Ad Network to the mediaCLOUD customer base through the mediaADNET
  • Provide approval status to the End Users who want to Advertise at their own business
  • Smart Ad approval system, accept & suspend incoming Ads manually or automatically
  • Dozens of customized reports / aggregated stats, exportable to CSV
  • Assign Start and End dates for Ad Package
  • Multi user Advertising privileges control
  • Set geographical location for each Station using Live Maps
  • Connect a private hosted mediaSERVER to the public mediaADNET
  • Search Ad station in the Local Ad network or mediaADNET using keys, names & geographic locations
  • Smart targeting and search tools with live preview of playback resources for an Ad Package
  • Control over what plays and when
  • Ability to target specific screens
  • Support for in-house booking / management software through exports
  • Comprehensive reporting tools to provide audited campaign reports
  • Automatically pull in demographic data from census statistics
  • Easy to use GUI and workflow allows you to do amazingly sophisticated things with utmost ease
  • Accurate reporting of actual plays/impressions
  • API allowing for custom integration and automation

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