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With our Digital Menu Boards you can increase your sales and improve your customer experience through dynamic digital food menu boards. Digital Menu boards have been proven to increase average order value at the point of sale. You can raise the average order value, up- and cross-sell. In fact, one of the best ways to increase your total restaurant orders is to integrate QR based digital menu boards directly into your Digital Signage, Web site and table-tops, luckily we support all that and integration is super easy, click below to learn more.

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Always appetizing

Food always looks 'extra-delicious' when presented on a large screen. Plugged into our digital menu board solution, restaurant can offer the customer delicious images and videos of their most popular or exotic dishes. Restaurants like to schedule daily specials, promotions, and showcase newly introduced preparations. Feedback from restaurants with existing menu boards shows a higher number of orders placed for all food content displayed on the screen.

Make an impression

With the restaurant business being such a competitive marketplace, having an edge over the next competitor makes the all the difference in your bottom line. If a person operates a restaurant, the most effective method to make an impression on your clients and also market your menus, are to use digital sign technology. Virtually every eating place displays the day's menu with some sort of display board, which can be replaced by a modern signage using screens with attractive content. This will provide the restaurant owner the ability to change menu information at will and plan for special occasions like weekend menus and happy hour promotions.


Restaurant manages also have the opportunity to use their screen for advertising other products, to generate additional income. It is possible that some of the restaurants vendors may be interested in advertising and marketing their products on your screens, to promote in-house consumption. This marketing assists the product vendors and the restaurant, to push specific products with the aim of generating higher revenues. In addition, other local business could market their products to your customers as they are a captive audience, while eating in the restaurant.


The cost of setting up digital menu boards is negligible, as we provide inexpensive mediaDROIDX players that are connected to standard screens and it’s all powered by our FREE software.


Make your digital menu board standout. Digital sign displays allow supervisors to show not just text messages, but also pictures along with engaging videos about their food. Setting up digital signs by using ready to use customizable templates, helps to make the job of the restaurant manager easier. Menu board templates are offered in quite a few designs and can be displayed utilizing many different screen layouts. The split screen display lets the manager simultaneously show a larger variety of products. This technology will streamline your service and will influence your patrons, while saving time and money that would have been spent on manually updating menu boards.

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