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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, be sure to contact us on Live Chat. The FAQs cover the mediaCLOUD, mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition and the mediaSERVER.

What is digital signage?

We are all familiar with advertising on billboards and's static and non-interactive. Now imagine having an LCD monitor in place of that paper poster...with an unlimited number of video, animation and design elements for you to make whatever you want. Imagine the possibilities.

What is the difference between mediaSERVER and mediaCLOUD?

mediaCLOUD is a cloud based Digital Signage (also known as SaaS or software as a service). All of your media files (videos, animations etc) are stored on our servers and stream down to get locally cached within your local players / computers. You get all the support and software updates at no additional charge.

mediaSERVER is a privately hosted server solution. The server software and hardware are purchased and owned by you. All the licenses for the players / computers running are also owned and managed by you, within your network or with your internet service provider. With the mediaSERVER you do not pay a subscription fee; however there is an optional updates and support annual fee.

Can my business or company benefit from digital signage?

Are you a business? Do you have message you want to get across to potential customers? Do you want to reach a captive audience using an effective and efficient method that will allow your company to up sell and cross sell either your product or service? Then yes, digital signage is right for you. MediaSignage makes the transition into the new medium effortless and inexpensive. Best of all with MediaSignage you can run your signage on any chrome powered device including web, mobile and portable devices.

Where can digital signage be used?

Wherever you can hang an LCD monitor and reach potential customers...THAT'S where you can use digital signage. The possibilities are endless: Retail Education Leisure Public Transport Museums Entertainment Gas Stations Public Spaces Restaurants and menu systems Hospitality and more...

Is my information and content secure?

MediaSignage is powered RSA/SSL encryption. Multiple levels of authentication are used for user level access. Powered by RSA Authentication, all media is accessible using public / private keys allowing for the highest level of access restrictions for your private data. Our application is SSL signed and approved.

What are the copyright restrictions and regulations?

It is your responsibility to ensure you follow your country's copyright laws. MediaSignage Inc. will not be responsible for any copyright infringements associated with your account. Be sure you receive full written approval for media and content used in your signage presentation. MediaSignage Inc. will remove content which was brought to our attention as a violator of any copyright laws

The current release is always available from the download section of our web site.

When it comes to general updates, you should follow us on Twitter for weekly updates

And yes, all updates are free with our SaaS solution.

Can I order from Amazon the mediaDROID+?

Sure, we ship from Amazon the latest firmware mediaDROID+ so order with confidence

How do I purchase a mediaSERVER?

You can purchase it online or give us a call. We do require that you sign the mediaSERVER purchase agreement and fax it back to us.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship both the mediaSERVER worldwide, normally within 2 business days.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes with MediaSignage you have no obligations, no contracts and no hidden commitments.

Is MediaSignage Free?

Yes, the mediaCLOUD is FREE, you can manage 3 screens at no cost under the free plan. Optionally, you can join the Plus or the Enterprise edition; for that you pay a per screen price per month. Checkout the pricing wizard inside the SignStudio for the plan that is right for you

How many screens can I add for FREE?

With the FREE plan you get to manage up to 3 screens at no cost to you. The Plus and Enterprise edition allow you to use any number of screens and you only pay for what you use. Checkout the pricing wizard inside the SignStudio for the plan that is right for you

Why are the MediaSignage prices so low?

Our solution is all about providing affordable digital signage software as services.

MediaSignage was created to provide a superior digital signage product to everyone. It is a core, fundamental ingredient of our business model. We profit by volume; selling a tool that anyone and everyone can use.

How much storage can I use on your servers to store my content?

The storage limit on the FREE mediaCLOUD is 1 (one) GB, the Plus edition has a 3 (three) GB storage limit, while the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition subscribers have 25 GB limit per single account which is under an Enterprise user. Of course you can have unlimited sub-users (aka sub accounts) thus taking advantage of unlimited cloud storage.

What is the mediaSERVER SLA?

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. We also often refer to it as your annual Support and Updates. The SLA is renewed annually and provides you with all the support you need in addition to software updates. The software updates include the latest server and player upgrades including new features and enhancements. Each SignagePlayer license you purchase includes one year of support and updates at no additional charge.

How is the server pricing structured?

The mediaSERVER is $895.00 for the software version which you can install on your own PC / Server.
The price for each SignagePlayer Desktop version is $195.00 which is a one time per license fee (a license is a single PC driving 1 or more screens). And a per license $39.00 per year for software updates and support (the $195.00 already includes 1 year of updates and support thats included in it).

What if I want to add the annual updates and support at a later time?

Each SignagePlayer license comes with (1) year of updates and support that is already included in the price. If you do not renew the updates and support, you will have the option to renew at a later time. However, you must first bring the subscription up-to-date by paying the pro-rated yearly support and updates (SLA) Subscription fee. So for example, if you want to add a support and updates after 3 months, you must pay for 3 months to close the gap and bring it up-to-date.

What are the software requirements for the SignStudio and SignPlayer?

Our software requirements are amazingly simple, allowing anyone to use almost any computer.
SignStudio - Desktop PWA or web version - Any computer, witn any operating system , running a commonly supported Chrome web browser.
SignPlayer - Desktop PWA or web version - Any computer, witn any operating system , running a commonly supported Chrome web browser.

Does the SignPlayer run on TVs

Yes, if your TV, Chrome box or any device for that matter that supports Chrome browsers, will also support our SignPlayer. Some devices also support our WatchDog which runs in the background for extra system monitoring. Our mediaDROID+ comes pre-built with the latest version of the WatchDog built in.

Which operating system do you support?

We support any OS which runs Google Chrome

What kind of display monitors can I use?

You can use any display such as a Computer monitor, LCD or Plasma which supports PC or HDMI input.

Do I need a fast, persistent internet connection?

Our SignStudio and SignPlayer require a dedicated internet connection for live updates. However, the desktop PWA version of SignPlayer, powered by the built-in caching engine, can run without an internet connection once the contents have been cached.

Do I need a static IP?

No, dynamic IPs are fully supported. In fact our system is smart enough to move into polling mode and bypass firewall restrictions if need be.

Which file formats do you support?

MediaSignage officially supports all of common web formats:

Video Formats: MPEG-4 using the following codec settings:
Video: h.264, 24fps, 4mbps
Audio: acc, 44khz, 128-176kbps

However, you should note, due to the hundreds of different encoders available today, it is possible that some of your files may not run properly in your signage presentation.

That is why we highly recommend you use a Freeware utility like Freemake to convert your video files to standard format. This will eliminate any encoder /decoder issues you may experience. You can download Freemake here:

Images: JPG, PNG
1920x1080 maximum resolution at 72dpi and 80% quality.
File sizes using this setting would be around 200kb to 500kb

You can use the freeware application IrfanView from if re-sampling of the images are required.

What are the mediaSERVER software installation requirements?

The mediaSERVER software installation kit requires a clean copy of Microsoft Windows server and configured Microsoft Internet Information Server version 7 pre installed (IIS7). The mediaSERVER requires 3 IPs. If you plan on providing services over the web you will want to make sure that the 3 IPs are static and internet accessible. Each IP will also need to be configured with a prefix domain (as in and If you plan on parking the mediaSERVER within an ISP, be sure to provide adequate bandwidth to allow for smooth download of media to your individual SignagePlayers.

What are the mediaSERVER software kit hardware requirements?

The mediaSERVER is capable of handling thousands of concurrent SignagePlayer connections as long as you provide adequate hardware configuration. We recommend an Intel i7 Quad Core processor with 8GB of memory and 1TB hard drive. But you may choose a lower end configuration.

The Microsoft Windows Server:
Processor Minimum: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
Recommended: 2GHz or faster
Memory Minimum: 512 MB (2 GB for Server with Desktop Experience installation option)
Recommended: 4GB RAM or greater
Available Disk Space Minimum: 32GB
Recommended: 40GB or greater
DVD drive (if you intend to install the operating system from DVD media)
Graphics device and monitor capable of Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution
Keyboard Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Is it difficult to install a mediaSERVER?

No, the installation process is straight forward and it will walk you through a setup wizard. Be sure to provide a clean operating system (no other software should be installed on the OS) to prevent driver and library conflicts.

What is SignStudio?

SignStudio, which comes in a web version and a desktop PWA version, is the application you will use to configure and administer your digital signage presentation.

What are Signage templates?

Signage templates allow you to quickly get up and running by selecting a pre-configured digital signage presentation. You can choose from a range of templates for one that best matches your needs. Once you select a signage template you may begin to modify it and its resources to accommodate your requirements.

Who can access and configure my signage presentation?

Anyone who has the user name and password can access and configure the digital signage presentation.

Where is my configuration saved?

Once you make or change a signage configuration using SignStudio, these changes are saved to our servers and propagate to the appropriate signage players. Media files (such as videos and images) also are saved to our servers and download to each signage player.

What should I use, the SignPlayer or SignStudio or Web preview?

You will use all of them. The SignStudio is where you build and manage your presentation.
The SignPlayer PWA runs your presentation on any OS (Android, Windows, Apple product etc) while the Web preview is where you preview the presentation before deploying it

What are the advantages/disadvantages of the desktop and web versions?

SignagePlayer-web version is a "light" signage player that is suitable for online viewing. The resources (videos, images and database) begin downloading to the player as soon as the player loads. The web version runs inside a web browser. A web visitor can view the presentation as soon as the content begins to download. The web version of SignPlayer lacks some advanced features such as caching engine support, live administration control and recoverability. If you wish to make you signage presentation available for public viewing through your web site we recommend using the web version of SignPlayer.
SignPlayer desktop PWA version is an advanced signage player that requires minimal installation. The desktop PWA vesion is powered by a sophisticated content caching engine that always keeps your content up to date. The desktop PWA version of SignPlayer also supports watch dog (fail and recover functionality) as well as many enhanced features including live administration control. If you are going to operate a signage monitor in a physical location (such as a retail store or office building) we recommend using the SignPlayer desktop PWA version.

How many Players can I operate?

When you use the mediaCLOUD you can use unlimited licenses (in other words, unlimited screens or players) and the price depends on the plan you choose. The mediaSERVER has its own pricing structure and it is sold on a per license basis.

How can I link a signage presentation to my web site so web visitors can see it?

You can use the web embedded feature when you preview your scene in SignStudio to get the HTML code to integrate the presentation on your web site.

What is the Watchdog software and do you need it?

Watchdog is a small software utility which is installed on the same machine that runs a desktop PWA version of SignPlayer.

The software is FREE and its job is to continue and monitor the status of SignPlayer (essentially keeps the player healthy). If for some reason SignPayer crashes or becomes unstable, the Watchdog will restart it to ensure continued uninterrupted playing of your presentation.

How do I clear the SignStudio and SignPlayer local store data?

In Chrome or the PWA, use Cont-Shift-J and to Applications tab and click on [ clear site data ]

Do you support RSS, Weather, Stock, Podcasts?

We support all common RSS feeds that are hosted on public web servers. We provide the editor tool so you may completely customize the look of any really simple syndication.

Can I add my own custom web components to my signage presentation?

Our SignPlayer Desktop PWA version system supports the HTML component. This allows you to develop any component using your favorite web technology (cgi, php, Tcl, etc..). Once you post your developed application online (you host it) you can link to it from within SignStudio using our HTML components. Simply point to your URL and your custom application will load into the SignPlayer PWA signage presentation (the SignaPlayer Web version does not support the HTML component).

What components are available on the different editions?

Free version: Playlist, RSS, Label, LabelQueue, Clock, Video, Image, Weather
Plus edition: All components of the free version, CustomRSS, Stock, Catalog, XML, Countdown, QR, External Video, External Image, Scheduler
Enterprise edition: All components including social and touch components

Who can become an Enterprise user?

Anyone can sign-up to the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition. No obligation, no contract and no hidden fees. Start using the white label features and generate repeat income. It's that easy.

When can I expect to start receiving income?

As soon as you start charging your customers, it's your business model and you set your own prices, we just provide that tools!

If I use the white label, wouldn't my users come directly to MediaSignage?

MediaSignage has gone to great lengths to insure we are well hidden from white labeled sites. We use a 3rd domain named ( www . signage . me <> ) to mask ourselves. In fact, our application, tutorials and XML traffic is all passed through this intermediate domain to prevent anyone from associating MediaSignage Inc with your white labeled product.

Can I charge my own prices?

You can charge any price you see fit for your solution and services provided. MediaSignage is just a piece of the puzzle in your Digital Signage solution.

How do I embed your web components in my web site and what are the requirements?

Under the Enterprise Studio click on tools to view sample HTML snippet which can be used to copy and paste onto your own site. These components include both the referrer and white label HTML and JavaScript snippets.

Do I need to know how to program in order to become a branded / white labeled site?

No. We take care of that for you. You just need to copy and paste the HTML snippet provided in the Enterprise Studio

Can my web visitors find out about MediaSignage when I use white label?

We go to great lengths to make sure our application and web services do not refer to MediaSignage in any way. We use our alias name of www signage dot me to hide MediaSignage when white label is used.

Who supports my clients?

As an Enterprise user you will support your clients directly and we will support you. This means that if your client has a question that you do not know the answer to, simply pass it along to us so we can help out.

Why are you prices so low?

It is our core business model to offer quality Digital Signage that everyone can afford.

Can I charge different rates from the ones posted at MediaSignage?

Yes. It's completely up to you to setup your own pricing plan. You can be more competitive and offer lower prices. Or you can charge higher prices and include added-value narrowcasting services such as several hours of included Digital Signage presentation design, free phone technical support and other packaged benefits.

Are there any costs or hidden fees associated with the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition?

No, you will be charged according to the number of players registered to your account. No hidden fees, no setup costs, month to month payment plan.

As a Enterprise user, how do I track and manage my clients?

Enterprise users gain access to the Enterprise Studio so they can view in real time everything that is going on. In other words, as soon as visitor opens a free account, as soon as a free account is converted into a subscribed user or even changes to the number of players, all can be monitored.

How much storage can I use on the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition

The mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition allows for a unlimited file storage for all sub-accounts combined for files such as videos and images. There is a 25 Gigabytes limit per single account which is under an Enterprise user. Of course you can have unlimited sub-users (aka sub accounts) thus taking advantage of unlimited cloud storage.

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