Yelp Integration

Posted by on Apr 6, 2011 in Menus, Tablets

Social media will eventually become a high-priority requirement as restaurants continue to implement tablet menus. Without integration with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and especially Yelp, businesses with either iPad or Android tablet menus would not be recognizing the full capabilities of today’s hardware and software. But how does it work? Simply put, the application directly ties to your particular restaurant’s page on Yelp, Facebook or Twitter and you can simply login/logout of those sites right from the tablet. The tablet itself will encourage the user to give feedback about their experience at the restaurant.

Let me illuminate on a few of the reasons this is a really good idea. First, this is a matter of the “coolness” factor. Isn’t having a really cool, “sizzlin'” tablet menu enough to get a positive review on Yelp? I’m certain that alone would help boost your rankings son the rapidly growing site. Being able to tweet or use Foursquare to show that “hey, I’m in a really cool restaurant right now using a really cool application on a really cool Android menu.” would certainly help the restaurant gain some credibility and buzz.

Another reason for this is that it gives the restaurant owner feedback about their establishment in a couple of ways. First, the owner now knows how to improve and has much greater numbers of responses to let him know what areas will be best for improvement right away. Second, these sites can be eventual places for later promotion without the need to pay for an expensive Groupon campaign you can simply tweet your followers on Twitter, “hey, free drink with purchase of an entree tonight!” Having an email list of your customers to alert them of new promos is so 2007. 2011 and beyond will have companies connecting directly with their clients using Twitter. Of course, we all know that most Twitter followers don’t use the service after a short time. However, there will be some loyal followers on the much more effective sites like Yelp, Groupon and Facebook.

What are some indications of expansion that you see occurring in this space?

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