YCD Multimedia and Elo Touch Solutions announced partnership for digital signage solutions

Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Hardware, Software

YCD Multimedia and Elo Touch Solutions—two big multimedia and technology companies—announced Monday, June 18, their partnership to provide an advanced digital signage solutions to the increasing need of modern interactive displays.

The two companies will merge their expertise in the field of digital advertising: YCD’s digital media software products and Elo Touch Solutions range of Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) displays. The joint venture seeks to supply the demands for interactive displays, primarily for retailers, who aim to involve and connect with their clientele in an improved and functional dialog, making a better shopping experience.

“We joined forces with Elo Touch Solutions to meet the increasing demand of customers for engaging interactive solutions,” said YCD Multimedia’s CEO, Noam Levavi in the company’s press release. “Together with Elo, we will provide a full package of hardware and software to address these needs.”

The endeavor aims to produce in-store solutions which include a spectrum of advanced technologies and information like an establishment’s offered products and services, how-to-order guides, and even entertainment. The solutions not only intend to attract customers but also to provide the ultimate and distinctive shopping experience.

“Both companies come to the table with completely unique talents and insights. This announcement is big news for customers of both companies as it means that we will meet a critical need in the retails industry, enhancing our customer’s competitive edge,” said Stephen Aguirre, Elo Touch Solutions’ director of strategic marketing.

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