Tronic’s Gesture-Based Video Wall Installation at Yahoo!

Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in Content, Displays

A buddy of mine just returned from the Sundance Film Festival where he saw something similar to Tronic’s installation at the Yahoo! headquarters here. Only the version he witnessed was installed by Google, I believe and allowed one to select a “tile” version of a video which would then display full screen across the wall for a few moments, restoring later to the individual tile among tiles. This out-of-home wonder is more gesture-based and gives users the ability to manipulate the content by walking by, making quick movements or nearly any other type of recognized quick gesture. Tronic’s co-founder Vivian Rosenthal explains:

“The gesture-based installation is actually a brand-learning tool that allows people to interact with key Yahoo! properties and experience them in a new way rather than through touch, track-pad or mouse interaction. Instead you interface with something that feels alive in front of you.”

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