Windows Compatible Tablet in 2012: Isn’t That a Little Bit Late?

Posted by on Mar 6, 2011 in Hardware

I always tell people that since I am a Seattle native that I am an equal opportunity searcher (i.e. I use both Bing and Google equally–which is only partly true because I have not checked Hotmail in years). However, I must criticize Microsoft a bit on this one. 2012 is the year for the Windows compatible tablet. This is WAY too slow. Steve Jobs himself even had the energy this last week to release the iPad 2. I mean, the paparazzi had predicted he was at death’s door, but he couldn’t resist coming in to talk about the add-on features to his latest tablet wonder. And the features which included two cameras (one on the front and the back) and a lighter body design are helping to solidify the iPad as the market leader. It’s even priced cheaper than some of the competition. Can you say Xoom anyone?

2012 is a year away, which in the technology realm is like an eternity. We have been supplying iPad’s on a number of different fronts lately and while they are more expensive than some of the knock-off versions, you get what you pay for. Apple is simply throttling the competition. The iPad restaurant menu units we have provided to a couple of companies have really proved beneficial to them. Their patrons can see what they want to order digitally and see a full spread of the items on the display (it’s actually very cool).

I was having a conversation about Microsoft the other day with a good friend. Both of us agreed that the companies nimble, visionary days may be coming to an end. With Gates gone and old-school Balmer at the helm (who incidentally seems to be blaming other management for the “failure” issues–and ousting them later) the company needs some fresh blood. As could be easily seen by the need for more innovation and a better way to have an ear to the ground to sense when these types of game-changing items will be coming to play. I personally feel items like the Kindle will continue to have their place, but Microsoft is continuing to have to play catch-up and the longer they wait, the farther behind they will continue to be, especially when we see Android and Chrome OS coming in to eat up their tablet and operating system market respectively.


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