Why Restaurants Shouldn’t Operate Without Digital Signage

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 in Digital Menu Boards, Industry, Menus

Digital signage technology is becoming more and more popular today in our digital society. While it is still somewhat of a new concept, and we’ve only begun to see how it can benefit businesses, it has already provided many businesses with a lot of great benefits. For example, let’s take a look at the restaurant and entertainment industry and see how digital signage technology can help.

Have you ever been to a café or fast food restaurant and were wowed by the interactive, touch-screen digital menu boards? These are beginning to pop up in many establishments, especially in cities. It’s busy, it’s lunch time, it’s crowded, and you’re hungry…and you don’t have time to wait in line to order your food. Now you can walk up to a digital menu board, and in a few quick clicks and swipes, you’ve already ordered your desired meal, and instead of waiting in line to order, you’re already in line waiting to pick it up.

Now that you’ve picked up your order and got your food, it’s time to grab your drink, but not from the typical soft drink and beverage dispenser that you are used to. This establishment is also equipped with custom touch-screen beverage dispensers. Customers can walk up, select their drink by selecting a flavor or beverage type by using a touch screen. They can also create custom beverages by selecting more than one flavor. So a customer could realistically choose a cherry, root beer, and lemon-live flavored Coke.

It all sounds pretty surreal, right? But believe it or not, this is how fast food establishments and cafes are beginning to operate. And why? Not only does this save time and money, it also creates an interactive and personalized experience for the patron. It gives patrons the opportunity and control over what they order, how they order it, and even what kind of beverage they want.

This also minimizes the risk of misunderstanding a customer’s order through just basic human error. It also gives customers a sense of privacy since they can order what they want, choose toppings, sides, beverages, etc., and pay for it all from the same touch-screen digital menu board, especially with the growing safety and security concerns that surrounding restaurants and credit cards.

Not only does digital signage technology save time for consumers, which makes them happier, and it also saves time for businesses. And time is money in the world of business. Digital signage technology saves counter space, employee and staffing wages, as well as registers and credit card machines since digital menu boards are built into one machine. Digital signage also helps drive in more sales. Why? A customer out looking for a great place to grab a coffee on the way into the office or out for lunch for a quick sandwich usually turns away from the places with long lines. But for an establishment that offers digital signage technology, customers are in and out in half the time, generating your business more sales during peak meal times.

All in all, digital signage technology is the small business way of the future…starting now. Get your business on board with digital signage technology and give customers that interactive, unique, and personalized experience.

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