Why “Green” Businesses Go for Digital Signage

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Insight

From highways to airports to classrooms, digital displays are just about everywhere. Not only is digital display advertising and digital media at the center of our worlds today, it also provides numerous benefits to businesses. Digital display advertising is proven to be more cost effective, provider a higher return on marketing investment (ROI), and even appeal to many other business initiatives, such as businesses that are “going green”.

In the last decade, many businesses have made the commitment to jump on the “going green” wagon to not only save money but also support green and environmentally-friendly goals, and digital display advertising can be a great medium to make this happen.

Go “Green” by Going Digital

By taking advantage of the numerous digital options and benefits digital signage has to offer, saving money on traditional marketing methods is at the top of the list. By “going green” and incorporating digital displays in a business’ marketing campaign, businesses not only support environmentally-friendly initiatives, but also save money on direct mail advertising projects, print marketing pieces and materials, and even printing costs in general.

Digital signage and media also give businesses the opportunities to make their own “green” initiatives public by advertising them via digital signage and other digital media solutions. This could include ad content packages, social media, and even other types of campaigns, contests, and other promotions and offers. With digital signage, the options truly are endless.

Outrunning the Competition without Overrunning Advertising Costs

For small- and medium-sized businesses that are looking for cost-effective ways to “go green” while also keeping up with the competition and avoid overrunning on marketing and advertising budgets, digital signage is the solution. Businesses can create ad content packages, upload them to digital signage software, and schedule ads accordingly based on day, time, week, and so on.

Digital signage is an effective way to power businesses into the future and a way to beat or keep up with competitors.

A Sustainable Future

In our “green” initiatives, one of the ultimate goals is to reach for a sustainable future; a biological system or process that can remain productive over time, without the need for resources.

In the world of business, sustainability is a concept that means relatively the same thing, but refers to a business that can manage their financial, social, and environmental risks in addition to obligations and opportunities; it’s about finding a balance within these pillars. By taking advantage of digital signage and digital media and advertising, businesses can reach both goals – environmentally and organizationally – for a sustainable future.

Finally, businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries can take advantage of all of the benefits of digital signage and digital media. With a little creative and design thinking, businesses can “go green” by going digital.

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