Who is this blog for?

Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Blogger, Industry, Insight

When regularly crafting content here for our blog, I feel it important to ask the question, “for whom am I creating all this dribble?”

Am I blogging for our existing and/or future customers?

Partly. Customer acquisition and retention are a big part of why we’re seeking to expand our presence in the blogosphere. When customers have support and documentation questions, they’ll typically check first with the forum and often refer to our docs or even video tutorials. The blog features articles that would hopefully give insight into some issues customers are having, but most often it will hopefully intertwine opinion with some useful facts and cases from existing clients (which we hope to be publishing on the blog very soon). The blog is not for training, best practices and/or thought leadership alone. It’s meant to be much more broad in its scope.

Do I blog to appease industry “thought leaders”?

digital signage blogNo. There are really only a select few in the industry who still regularly contribute content to the industry. Less and less of it is relevant opinion as countless “best practice” articles have already been published and much of what is considered new out there is a new tweak on an old idea. Many others simply rehash industry news.

Do the articles simply act as a Google appeasement tool for search engine ranking?

We would like to hope that they help, but appeasing search spiders is not our primary aim. Much of what has occurred recently in this realm is difficult to track and even harder to predict, so it’s best just to use traditional methods and hope that the web favors your efforts–which seems to be working thus far.

Am I a closet narcissist with an innate desire to hear myself drone on and on?

Luckily I don’t mind writing a bit. If I could get away with it, I would do less of it or do it as a ghost. I certainly can become a bit long-winded here. The truth is, not many readers enjoy a overly superfluous blog. Those few that do that are in this industry represent a smaller representation of the overall population. So our blog may thin the herd in that regard.

Does the blog help to rehash and reiterate industry news?

In a former day, we used to rehash every single news article the industry would produce that we could find. We would summarize and then link to it. It helped to boost traffic as well as provide exposure, but it ultimately was a waste given that most of the articles we were republishing came from about five other websites. Now there are even fewer places that really provide relevant, unique industry news. That’s no longer our job nor our focus. I’ve been at this whole digital signage blogging thing for about five years now. If there is a new content topic I’ve not covered, I’ll let the industry news outlets take care of it.

In an industry that–at its core–is somewhat boring and altogether full of itself, I’ve discovered that sometimes the blog acts as a corporate form of “checks and balances” where the people (in our case, the customers) are able to provide feedback on the direction of our software and the quality of our services. In short, we don’t post just for notoriety and we certainly are not in it for industry or peer recognition. No, we’re singularly focused on our base. And, given the Free nature of our product, our base is ever-expanding. Hence the need for more and more relevant content to suit their needs.

Who is this blog for? If you read this far, you’re probably precisely our target demographic :)


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