Who is a Digital Signage Champion?

Posted by on Apr 2, 2016 in Insight

We’ve talked a great deal about getting a handle on digital signage technology and how to use it and make it work for your business. While we’ve made it sound super easy, the truth is companies still need resources—such as money, technology, and talent to make it all work.

To avoid spending time and hard-earned money and other resources trying to “man” and set up digital signage, some companies have named a member of their organization as a “digital signage champion”. This person is responsible for content, determining a marketing strategy, and communication.

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Organizations and companies often name a member of IT or marketing as the “digital signage” champion, or sometimes even “borrow” team members from both. And while this is certainly workable, organizations should be careful about whom they “designate” as a digital signage champion. For example, while an IT member can likely set up digital signage in a snap, he or she probably doesn’t know the first thing about marketing…(and vice versa, of course).

Making the Grade

So what does a “digital signage” champion actually do? Here is a break down of just some of the areas that fall under the champion’s responsibility umbrella.

Knocking Content Out of the Park. A digital signage champion’s first goal should be to create compelling content that really knocks it out of the park. It’s a challenge to keep content fresh, unique, and engaging, but this is where the true practice and talent come into play.

In order to ensure that you keep content fresh, why not ask other team members and employees to help with content creation? Have a way for them to suggest ideas or submit content to use to engage your audience.

Communicate the Plays. In addition to functional technology and content, a big key to using digital signage successfully is communication. Determine your communication goals—such as how you are going to engage with your audience. Be specific as to what days, times, and so on. Be sure to establish policies and guidelines for consistent and clear communication, and educate your content team and staff member on these policies.

Big Team on the Big Screen. A digital champion should be responsible for ensuring that the digital displays always look attractive, stunning, and simply always look their best. Remember, you want to boost your brand and your “team”. Be sure to outline best practices on how to do this and ensure your team understands and follows them.

Calling the Shots. Today it’s all about calls to action. How can you “activate” your audience? What kinds of content can you publish or offers that you can promote that will attract your audience? Establish the “calls” early in the game, and educate your team accordingly.

On the Winning Track. Once you’ve got a strategy and team in place, and you’ve named a digital champion, now it’s time to track results and measure them against goals and success. Many marketing teams today are concerned about meeting ROI goals and are constantly improving work lows, strategies, and content plans accordingly in order to meet goals—and within budget. Start reporting on results and analyzing them to determine the next play in the game.

Finally, a digital signage champion is an important role, and one that should be taken seriously across any organization. A digital signage champion will also ensure that the company and organization uses resources effectively and stops wasting money on strategies that aren’t effective or are a waste of time.

Lead your team to victory on the big screen.

Who is YOUR company’s digital signage champion?

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    Digital signage has to be a cloud based product, digital signage product that allows companies to control screens in remote locations uniquely and in groups. It should provides complete control over when and how content is shown on the signage screens/displays.

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