Where Your Business Should Place Digital Signage

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015 in DOOH, Insight, Installation

Digital signage is, well, just about everywhere today. From billboards seen from highways to public transportation platforms, portals, and terminals, digital signage is visible for as far as the eye can see…

And while we are seeing more and more of digital signage, businesses who are just jumping “on board” (okay, pun intended…) might have questions as to not only how to implement digital signage but where to position it specifically and strategically so that it works.

Where Should You Place Digital Signage?

Here are some tips on where to place digital signage:

  1. Know Your Audience. First things first. Before you can implement any form of marketing at all—be it a direct mail flyer or a digital menu or billboard—you need to know which medium is most successful for your target audience.Yes, a lot of knowing your audience means also knowing a little bit of psychology. So we hope you paid attention in school because you might need to review the Freudian theories on personalities and what makes millennials “tick” today.
  2. Travel the Journey. For you old-school, “traditional” marketers, know that the buyer experience and journey is changing, and technology is driving this change. Therefore, you need to change with it…and that means figuring out where and how your buyers travel, where your customers hang out, and their number one form of communication. Get your signage on!
  3. Communication is Everything. In addition to knowing where your customers go, what they are into, and how they travel—without the creep factor—you also need to know how they communicate.For example, 85% of adults use Smartphones today. With that factor to consider, you should probably tailor your digital ads accordingly so they can be accessed from an electronic or mobile device. You can also use digital signage to communicate your messages and encourage your audience to interact with your business on social media.

Digital Signage – Not Just an “Industry Term”


Finally, many industries use digital signage in various ways and in various locations. As mentioned above, half the battle of knowing where to place digital signage is knowing who your audience is and how to reach and connect with them on a level that is unique, compelling, interactive, and innovative.

Here are some industries that are rocking digital signage today:

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Public transportation

Finally, for more information on digital signage, or where to place digital signage and really make it work for your business, contact Digital Signage today and check out our FREE software.

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