When HTML5 and Freemium Rule the Planet

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 in Advertising, DOOH

I read a post this morning on TechCrunch touting SublimeVideo’s HTML5 plug-in free web player has gone freemium. With the ever-expanding ideas around content, its use, and how it should be delivered, there are more business models as there are media formats.


There has been a great deal of discussion around HTML5 and it’s integration with digital out of home and digital signage. With a large population of digital sign vendors utilizing web-based browsers to operate the content on their displays, HTML5 will continue to play a larger and larger role in how media is delivered both online and in the store. With this expansion will certainly come the need for applications like those developed by SublimeVideo and


Couple the HTML5 growth and use in this industry with more and more freemium type business models and creative destruction will pave roads, push competitors aside, and provide newer business models heretofore unrealized (I promise the alliteration in the previous list was unintentional). That said, freemium has its place, but it may be less impacting at this point then most have assumed.

Freemium requires scale to make for viable businesses, something to which digital signage has not even come close to reaching. In fact, even when full scale is reached in this industry, whose to say that all those displays will comply with all the beleaguered and varied alphabet soup/this week’s business model, scrappy entrepreneurs out there? While the two may never wed, there will certainly continue to be the illegitimate children born within the industry.

Certainly many more misbirths will occur, whether they happen under HTML5/fremium remains to be seen. Based on history, we know where most ad-funded derelicts wind up.

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