What You Probably Don’t Know about LED Digital Signage

When traveling either by air, train, or down the highway, a giant billboard might have caught your attention. Today, those billboards are becoming less static and more stimulating. Think about the signs we see in Times Square, in Vegas, and in entertainment arenas around the world…do you ever wonder how those illuminated digital billboards can be seen for what seems like miles away? What makes this possible? LED Digital signage.

PIXel This…

LED digital signage and technology is comprised of an LED cluster. The spacing between each “cluster” is known as a pixel. Pixels, or “Pixel Pitch” is a standard unit of measurement used to determine resolution depth, such as in a computer screen or TV or even a camera.

Perfect Pitch. When considering digital signage selection for your business, one of the important specifications to consider is resolution depth, which we now know is measured in pixels.

It’s a Sign…

As technology continues to evolve and become more and more efficient, the world of marketing and how we use technology also evolves to keep up with the trends, and stay in front of customers’ faces and minds.

One company, iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. recently announced their new partnership with LED Solutions Manufacturing Inc., who plan to work on the first “intelligent” sign.

According to William Large, LED Solutions Principal, “The development of an ‘intelligent sign’ is a logical step forward for both LED Solutions and iSIGN. By giving access to this pivotal emerging technology to our clients we are able not only to enhance their brand presence with our existing services but also provide proactive marketing as well as real-time metrics and traffic analysis to a level that has been until now unavailable to the retail or advertising industry.”

Clear Competition…

As you begin to research the digital signage industry and learn more about how LED digital signage can work to illuminate your business, you will soon learn how digital signage can also give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Referring back to pixel size for a minute, a competitive opportunity lies here, too. Think about it: Looking beyond the sheer size of a digital display or screen and looking more into the pixel size and resolution quality will give you a clearer picture of how your message is portrayed to your audience…literally.

If you are interested in learning more about digital signage and how you can affordably incorporate technology into your marketing plan, contact the expert team at Digital Signage today. Digital Signage is home to the world’s most popular platform to organize your content, your message, and your marketing.

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