What to do if you get a “Download failed” during 1.6 update to 1.7

Posted by on Aug 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Since we changed the SSL certificate in release 1.7, any previous release of 1.X must be uninstalled before you install the new 1.7 release.

This will be the ONLY time you will ever be required to do an unsinstall and installl for the AIRPlayers and AIRStudio.
it is known and you must uninstall the AIRPlayer and AIRStudio.
You may also want to delete the C:Program FilesSignagePlayerAir and C:Program FilesSignageStudioAir before proceeding with installing the new 1.7 version.

Once all are uninstalled, you may install the new 1.7 versions from the link below:


Note that the reason we changed the certificate was to change the name from MediaSignage to a generic Signage to add another layer of transparency to our white labeled product.

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