What Should Your Digital Signage Message Read This Holiday Season?

Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in Advertising, Content, Digital Billboards

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are upon us. So what does this mean for consumers? Shopping and spending money. Whether it’s at the malls, the grocery stores, or online, it’s the perfect time of year for small businesses to get into customers’ faces and offer some really great deals. So what does this mean for businesses? Get a jump on advertising this holiday season by taking advantage of these digital signage tips.

Now, just because you are looking to get a message up on a digital billboard doesn’t mean you just throw any old message up there and cross your fingers. Marketing, regardless of what form or medium, needs to have a strategy. Wasting valuable dollars on a lame or half-you-know-what marketing message is like throwing money down a rat hole. Don’t do it. Take some time and think of a unique and creative message that will get customers buying your products online or get them through your door.

You marketing message should:

  • Offer a special deal or promotion. It should be something that customers get excited about.
  • Bragging rights. Brag about your most popular product or your hottest item and offer a deal.
  • Give customers information. Customers like facts and this will certainly get them to turn their heads towards your small business.
  • Get personal. It’s all about personalization today for customers. How can you personalize their experience and market it?
  • Engage customers with technology. Taking advantage of digital signage is a sure way to accomplish this.
  • Be different. Don’t use the same borrowed message from your competitor or use the same deal as last year. Offer something unique and different that will help you stand out.

Taking advantage of digital signage can help you tackle all these items. You can advertise your promotions, deals, and messages in key and high traffic locations such as hotels, restaurants, malls and shopping plazas, commuting locations, and even movie theaters. Not only is digital signage a popular and innovative way to advertise today, it is also an attractive medium and pertains to a technologically driven society. In short: customers will take notice.

So what better way to boost sales this holiday season than to take advantage of digital signage technology? Taking advantage of digital signage to publicize and advertise products, services, and offers is highly effective and is proven to work and drive in sales.

And the best thing? Digital signage is also cost effective and there are various plans built for any small business budget. Digital signage advertising technology has a very high marketing return on investment and is sure to continue long after the holidays are over.

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