What Retailers Need to Know about the Digital Experience and Buyer Behavior

Posted by on Feb 4, 2017 in Insight, Retail

In our digital age of constant connectivity, an endless wave of content and context, and a multi-screen and interactive world, we have no choice but to adjust our buying behaviors. In fact, consumer buyer behavior has changed so much that it has impacted online and offline shopping.

Consumers are motivated to make a purchase decision by experience and interaction. Consumers now crave an in-store and online digital experience. This blur of the digital age has also forced retailers and businesses to engage in new digital opportunities, such as incorporating digital signage and equipment in in-store locations and research creative and innovative solutions.

Furthermore, many marketing experts, retailers, and other large brands have re-tailored their marketing strategies to focus more on online marketing, the functionality of an eCommerce site, and expanding into the online space.

All in all, brands, retailers, and businesses have one goal in common today: to serve their customers better in their online and offline shopping experiences. Read on to learn more about how digital signage and expanding the digital experience can make this happen.

“Screening” Products in a Digital Light

Although the Internet was invented back in the 80s, it wasn’t until the mid-to-late 90s before the Internet started making its way into living rooms. Back in the day, the Internet worked just fine for researching, sending and receiving email, and playing games, however, our constant state of connectivity has changed how we use the Internet.

But the world of eCommerce didn’t take shape until some 20 years later. For a long time, nothing could compare with the experience of holding, feeling, and inspecting a physical product before making a purchase decision.

Today, the online and offline shopping experience is inundated with interactive video, complete with 360 views and controls to bring products to life on large digital display screens in sports arenas, retail stores or even on a consumer’s phone. This digital experience opens up exciting opportunities for brands to close the gap between on-screen images, content, and visuals and holding a product in a store.

Because online shopping is becoming the norm, and is becoming the preferred shopping experience by consumers, retailers and brands are exploring visual tactics in their online marketing. For example, some innovative retailers offer consumers virtual experiences to try on clothing and accessories, such as glasses. Not only is this an interactive experience that customers crave today, it also enables retailers and brands to showcase products in a unique and innovative way.

All in all, digital experiences via digital equipment or devices are simply a tool in the process. It’s how brands and retailers choose to display content and context is what really matters. These digital experiences are a tried and true way for brands to not only understand consumers’ emotions and the psychology behind making a purchase decision in the twenty-first century but also appeal to how consumers buy today.

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