What About The Software?

Posted by on Aug 11, 2011 in Software

Digital signage software is an integral component of the digital signage system.  Therefore having the right software is important. At the end of the day you are looking for a cost effective way to deliver your message to the intended audience and software plays a major role as it manages the content displayed as well as controls the appliance used to deliver the content.

There are many features to digital sign software programs offered in the market, as an end user you should also focus on the software being used by the prospective digital signage company. In fact what software management program a digital signage provider uses will weigh heavily on whether to choose the company or not.

One key question to ask is whether the software program being offered is already in use. You don’t want to be the guinea pig. The time spent on corrections and disruptions will greatly add to your cost.  You are looking for something innovative yet with proven reliability.

There may be instances when the software program will have something new, so you will have to see if it has been properly tested. Also try to get feed-back from industry knowledgeable individuals, a second opinion never hurts.

Ask for a demonstration of the program in actual use. It should make things easier for you. If it’s too complicated for you or your IT personnel to understand then it’s best to look elsewhere. The ideal software platform should allow you to remotely monitor and control the activity of the deployed appliance without you or the IT personnel in charge having to leave the control room.  This allows for only periodic inspection and maintenance of the deployed equipment which saves on cost.

Technical support is critical since this is not your own software program so the people who built it should be available when needed. There should be ample technical support not just the best technical support. If an outstanding technical support personnel is sick and there is no one to replace him, essentially you do not have the support.

There are other factors to consider such as the openness of the software platform and the issue of obsolescence. Go for proven track record; don’t wind up with your software coming from a source that may be struggling or fly-by-night in nature.


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