Using Video On Demand Effectively

Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Does YouTube integrated with a digital signage touchscreen sound like a good idea? Of course it does. Especially as HD video and video streaming becomes more widespread over the web. There are, and will continue to be those who advocate the user generated content on digital signs, which often includes video-on-demand. Video on demand (VOD) technologies are not new. They have been around for sometime both the business and consumer sectors. In fact, a number of those in the digital signage industry got their start in the business VOD market initially and saw an easy branch into the digital signage arena.

One of the greatest benefits to implementing a video-on-demand system with digital signage and kiosk technology is that it puts control back where it belongs: into the hands of the consumer. We have seen the result of consumer-controlled media on traditional forms. Tivo, and YouTube have revolutionized the way consumers consume. One of the great reasons for this success is because content control has been returned to the end user. While this may seem like a downer for advertising opportunities when you look at it from a surface-level perspective, it actually offers an even greater array of consumer targeting than ever before. In my personal life, I cannot stand having to sit through commercials. I would much rather have the ability to control what I am viewing, but doesn’t that just go without saying.

If you are getting content form a touch screen in a retail environment, you probably will not want to sift through videos of the latest monster truck rally. When it comes to feeding content to digital screens, relevancy is required. Because out-of-home implies a location, making sure the content matches the venue almost goes without saying. But, even the obvious can be overlooked when so many factors are involved in putting together a network.

Not only does putting the content back into the hands of the consumer increase the dwell time of the consumer, it also increases the time advertisements can be fed to the consumer. While banner advertisement viewing online have decreased substantially in recent years, people actually looking for something still click through. Similarly, sidebars in digital signage, while they may be decreasing in effectiveness certainly have their appropriate place.

As VOD continues to expand, do you see it’s use in digital signage technology as something of interest?

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