USA Today Insert

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Blogger, Industry

This morning’s USA Today featured a full spread, highlighting the digital signage industry. The piece outlines some of the industry benefits, issues, and patterns for growth. The article has many great quotes from leaders within the industry, giving opinions, predictions, insights, and observations. It is an excellent piece, well worth the read. Many companies also received some great exposure. This is an excellent plug for the industry. One of my favorite quote from the article came from Dick Blatt, CEO of POPAI, “Digital signage is being used, often as part of  comprehensive  ‘Marketing  at Retail’ strategies  and  digital  signage has become  a  powerful  tool that are being  integrated  into many  oftoday’s  comprehensive in-store strategies.Blatt says “Digital signage helps retailers to create highly targeted messages to consumers based on  screen  locations within departments, based on high volume store traffic locations and even by programming  messages  by  daypart based on the demographic profile of shoppers.  Placing digital in close proximity to the shelf position of the product being advertised creates positive disruption, creates awareness and drives product sales.”

The report was distributed in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York. The distrubution was originally touted to be printed in 750,000 issues of the publication.

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