Turning It Into Reality

Posted by on Aug 22, 2011 in Hardware, Pontifications, Software

You can actually say that digital signage is glamorous, all those high-tech screens and great content coming out crystal clear. There is so much sophistication in digital signage, from the audio and video technology involved to the internet connection and software used. Digital signage is truly a convergence of so many technologies.

When it comes to digital signage installation though, despite all the high technology involved, you cannot escape some degree of manual labor. After all somebody has to lay down the cables and climb up to high locations to put up the signage.  And if the screens are large you can have the necessary mechanical equipment to set it up, but there will be instances when some muscle power is needed.

This just goes to show that even with high tech stuff manual labor is still in use. The only difference is there is a fair amount of brain power involved in getting the physical system up and going. There must be intimate knowledge of what is being installed and a complete understanding of why it is done. Then there is the actual testing to see if it’s all up and running. A bit of brawn and a lot of brain are needed when doing installation.

When you deal with a digital service provider make sure that they have the capacity to actually install the digital signage in all the locations you want it to be placed. All the fabulous software and hardware that is going to be used goes nowhere if the installation team is not in place and not up to the task.  The digital provider should have a network of installers available in the areas that you want the signage installed.

The provider may have its own trusted technicians who can do the installations in all the locations, but this is an inefficient method since the team will have to travel to the different locations. Then the team will need some time to familiarize themselves with the place and each place has its own peculiarities. It is better to have a network of installers who are from or near the locality so they know the ins and outs of the place and can quickly do the installation.

This is another important element to look out for when you select your digital signage provider.


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