The Long Tail: Educating & Informing

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Advertising, Industry, Insight

There’s an ever-growing interest from the those in this industry’s long-tail. The long tail doesn’t represent a single market, industry or sector, but it’s truly does represent everyone and their dog. It’s the laundromat operator, the unbranded gas station owner and the local barber. They’re the people who’ve seen digital signage work in other venues, understood the concept, but who may not have understood the intricacies of enterprise-level software tools and that the industry is coming into its own. Entrepreneurs with a gleaming eye for ad-revenues love to talk about setting up their own ad-based networks. They’ll come to us with what they coin as a new idea, but one which we’ve probably heard from folks like them looking to make some $$$.

The long tail is great. That’s where the most value will continue to be extracted. Here are a few of my thoughts on taking things further into the heart of the beastly long-tail signage market.

  • Educating. Long-tail customers think they’ve the latest way to increase efficiency with their business model in a way that’s never been done before in the history of digital signage. They’ll think it’s new (because it most likely is in their eyes) and they’ll 
  • Informing. The struggle with most of the long tail is that they know little to nothing about the intricacies of the product. They don’t know what it’s called or how it works, but chances are they’ve seen it in action. Many may not have connected the dots and said, “I bet that could ad value to my business the following ways…” Not every business owner thinks on their feet in such a fashion.
  • Usability. The long-tail requires ease-of-use like you’ve never seen. They not only need to be taken by the hand, but they want a turnkey solution where they don’t even use their own hands. That means others are creating, managing and scheduling for them. Hands off is their mantra.
  • Price-point. To capture the long-tail, the price point must be such that risk is 100% mitigated. Investing in a semi-proven advertising technology should be less risky and, in this case, less expensive.

Informing and educating the masses of long-tail, would-be digital signage network operators is a group effort and not just reserved for a single company, entity or trade-group. But where we can contribute we will and we hope there is a collateral boost to all involved in the industry.


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