The Internet of Things (IoT) Evolves into the Internet of CUSTOMERS

Posted by on Sep 25, 2015 in Content, Interactive

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re real big into the internet of things with digital signage. IoT is a huge technological trend that is impacting the business world – customers, businesses, and marketing alike. Not only is it a huge trend today, but this week’s Dreamforce conference powered by Salesforce talked a great deal about IoT and how the power of phones and mobile devices are driving IoT to IoC – Internet of Customers.

Internet of Things, Business concept

Internet of Things, Business concept

It’s conference season.

It’s conference season for sure. In fact, we had a writer on our team attend the INBOUND 2015 conference powered by HubSpot last week in Boston, Massachusetts. Our team member claims it was amazing to see over 4,000 people interacting and engaging with the conference and one another with their phones and devices. Now picture the entire world, all using their mobile devices at the same time – that’s billions of devices all interacting at the same time!

Customer-Centric Climate.

Customer-centricity is where it’s at today. In fact, your marketing automation campaign will likely fail without this attitude. In fact, marketing automation is one of the most frustrating things for leaders today. Some have invested thousands and thousands into marketing automation techniques such as expensive software. But the truth is there is an easier and better way to improve your marketing ROI.

Strategy, Process, and People.

Yes, technology is an absolute necessity to a successful marketing automation strategy…but don’t get too caught up in it. Strategy, process, and people are the driving forces behind the software that really produce results. Software is only a key component in the marketing automation strategy pie.

By working with Digital Signage and taking advantage of their free software, marketers and business owners can connect and engage in the world of customer-centricity. Establishing a memorable connection with them will surely boost results. You’ve got the content. We’ve got the Cloud. Together we can reach customers.

So what are you waiting for? Become an integral part of our customer-centric world today by reaching your customers with the power of digital signage technology. Regardless of whether you operate a restaurant, a bank, a hospital or physician’s office, or even a local store—no business is too large or too small to take advantage of digital signage.

For more information on how Digital Signage can help you better reach your customers by the power of software and content, contact our expert team today. Our software is free and easy to use (and, yes, we really mean free!)

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