The Future of Digital Signage Technology

Although digital signage technology has been around for the better half of a decade, it has already changed considerably, and is expected to in as little as a year from now. So what will digital signage technology look like in the near future? What will digital signage installation consist of and look like? How will reaching a greater audience change?

The constant change and improvements in technology not only affect our Smartphones, tablets, and other devices, but they also affect our industries. In fact, manufacturers, companies, and organizations are constantly testing and improving technology as we know it. This also holds true for the digital signage industry. Digital displays and billboard screens have vastly improved in clarity, HD technology, software, and even in installation. In addition, over the next year we can expect to not only see more digital displays and digital billboards expand across geographical regions and industries’ marketing plans.

Riding alongside advancements and improvements in technology, the next greatest impact on digital signage and how it is used is the message itself. Over the next year, social media and the Internet are expected to have a major impact on how a message is updated and distributed, reaching a wider audience faster. Forget the future…if you go to a local basketball or hockey game or any other type of arena event, how many ads do you see promoting messages and asking customers and fans to participate via their favorite social media networks and platforms? We can expect to see an even bigger push for this over the next year.

In addition to even that, the boost behind technology and how marketing messages are spread and how audiences are interacting and engaged all force companies to utilize digital signage to update information and ads in real time. For example, let’s say you go to a basketball or hockey game at an arena, digital signage technology allows the ability to stream a ticker that shows fans the scores of any other ongoing games at the same time. That way diehard fantasy fans can stay updated on other game scores, plays, and stats.

Even outside the sports arenas and stadiums we can expect to see this same real time, live action. Banks, grocery stores, department stores, and even gas stations will utilize digital displays featuring weather reports and forecasts, store sales and promotions, stock information and stats, current market prices for oil and interest rates, etc. Any information that a customer or patron will find useful or can access themselves on their Smartphones will be able to see the same information while they wait in lines or are pumping gas.

The rate at which technology advances and improves is astounding and continues to amaze our society. Whether it be a blessing or a curse, depending on which side of technology you are on, it has changed and shaped our society, including the way we do business; especially the way we do business. Digital signage technology has changed how businesses advertise, interact with customers, and get their branding and messages in customers’ faces. The future of digital signage technology is bright…literally.

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