The dynamic nature of marketing and today’s technology

Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Digital Billboards

If you were to flash back 20 or 30 years and look at the marketing strategies employed by businesses you would find something completely different than what is available today. Back in the early 80s and 90s advertising consisted mainly of TVs, newspapers, the radio tied with street signs and billboards. While this was effective then the times have changed dramatically with the technology available today. Back in the day you use to struggle to get your add to a few people in your hometown. Now with the internet and social media you can have your advertisement displayed directly to young mothers in Houston Texas or to teenagers in Charlotte North Carolina. In other words your advertisement is displayed directly to your target market.

Digital Billboards

As technology has advanced so have the billboards and other street signs. One of the methods used in an advertisement on the television is for an ad to appear at a specified time during a specified program, such as a beer commercial halfway through a football game. Most people watching football are probably sitting on the couch with an empty beer can in their hands at that time. Digital billboards can also provide something similar. For example, in Time Square in New York City there are gigantic billboards all over the buildings surrounding the Square. The advertisements displayed there can range from stocks and stock trading tools during the day to entertainment locations during the evenings and weekends.

Something very similar can be implemented on the digital signage menus in a fast food restaurant. While the breakfast items are displayed in the morning, rather than going through and changing out all of the signs at eleven o’clock the manager simply clicks a button and the menu is changed out completely.

What this really means

Basically, when it all comes down to it, the days of hanging one sign that cannot be changed out very frequently are over. You can get your ad in front of the right people whenever it is displayed rather than hanging a sign that will only catch the right people 30% of the day or less. Now your advertising dollars can be utilized much more efficiently to ensure they are what the people need to see. In addition to that, people are more likely to pay attention to something that is moving versus something that is sitting on the sidelines. This is just another point that makes the digital signage era much more efficient than the previous generation of advertising.

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