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Posted by on Jun 30, 2011 in Blogger

This post is to define what the digital signage blog is and what it is not. That way, when we receive some snide comments from internet trolls, we’ll be able to cite this entry as our “kick off” point.

What the digital signage blog is…

Just like any other blog, the digital signage blog is an open discussion on both specific and generalities in the industry. Because blogs are most often informal, so this blog will also take on a less formal approach. We do intend it to be an information and content source for the digital signage industry. Having said that, we do not want it to be too informal. It is sufficient to note that the digital signage blog is a blog. Hopefully that’s nuff said (you can use words like “nuff” in a blog you know).

Guests, Interviews, Tutorials, News, Technology, Showcases and Discussion

These are just a few of the topics of interest we will be covering and voicing our opinions about as we post. Occasionally we’ll have a guest interviewee, company or product showcase, and even an occasional dancing midget. Frequently we will post tutorials with answers to specific hardware and software related issues and we’ll always be talking about the latest and greatest in technological advances coming forth in the industry. To us, that’s the best part in the open discussion on the WWW.

What the digital signage blog is not…

We do not tout to be “the leading source” for information, nor do we claim to have the “inside scoop” on what Scala’s CEO said over dinner last night to his wife about the latest deployment. We certainly do not want to be a gossip column that touts the latest Paris Hilton or Britney Spears blunder. Having said that, we do realize that spikes in traffic always occur when “sauciness” and “lewdness” are on blog center stage.

Finally, we will make mistakes now and again. I certainly want to make this very clear ab initio. We wish to be as professional as possible here while still keeping things interesting. This is not an easy task, believe me. You’ll know we’ve failed when you see a post entitled “Britney Spears seen on local digital signage billboard…”

If you do see an error, misrepresentation, blunder, foible, lie, fib, or questionable material, we hope you certainly let it be known. Just be nice about it. We realize the internet space is free and that digital signage is a cutthroat industry, but feel free to offer constructive criticism and I think we’ll do the same. Happy digital signage blogging and we welcome you back anytime.


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