The Bigger and Brighter Future of Digital Signage in 2017

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016 in Insight

Digital signage has proven to become a high-performing resource for retail businesses, restaurants, and even hospitals. As businesses fight the good fight to purchase and integrate updated digital signage equipment, such as digital displays with smaller pixel pitches, bigger screens, better resolution, and more digital kiosks. One of the main reasons why digital signage has become such a success is that (when implemented correctly) it can enhance the customer experience and offer more solutions. In fact, according to the 2017 future trends report, digital signage has a “bright” future in 2017.

Read on to learn more about digital signage can positively impact your business and improve the customer experience in 2017.

Digital Signage Enhances the Customer Experience

Firstly, 61 percent of all businesses and organizations that utilize digital signage in their locations or rent digital display space for advertising initiatives noted that digital signage was a key benefit to improving their customer experience. Secondly, an improved customer experience also means higher engagement and interactions, and more customizable solutions for customers, all of which have proven to successfully boost sales and brand recognition.

The Evolution of Software to Platform

Furthermore, the rapid increase in the use of digital signage has also lead to the evolution from software-as-a-solution (SaaS) to platform-as-a-solution (PaaS). SaaS and PaaS solutions help marketers and businesses to manage and control digital display content, ad packages, and so on.

Businesses are also moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to audiences to integrating custom content to a wide range of audiences. Businesses are using digital signage for unique messaging to target various audiences. As a result, this has created a layer of complexity and diversity to digital signage solutions, which will likely mean that more and more businesses will recognize the value of PaaS rather than SaaS.

A Bigger and Brighter 2017

The evolution and widespread usage of digital signage display equipment is proof that businesses all over the globe are seeing the benefits of digital signage. As a result, this movement has sparked more businesses to invest in improving digital signage and integrating it into their operations and marketing initiatives in creative ways. It has also empowered digital signage manufacturers to further improve and develop new, bigger, better and brighter digital signage technology for an even better customer experience.

All in all, customization and the ability and agility to meet customers’ needs are key factors in the improvement of digital signage equipment and products, and will continue to be in 2017. Looking ahead in 2017, customization will also be a crucial driving force for the future development of digital signage technology.

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