The Anatomy of Great Display Technology that Actually Works

Today’s business and marketing landscape is all about technology. It’s about reaching target audiences and millennials—and the most effective way to do this is by digital display communications. Digital signage is among the top most effective, attractive, and eye-catching communication mediums available. But what about this technology makes it work so well?

Read on to learn more about digital display technology.

Virgin For those digital display virgin marketers out there, don’t get caught up in the technical models and terminology; digital signage is easier to manager than you might think.

So how does digital signage work? In the most basic of terms, digital signage incorporates the four key parts:

  • Display panels – This is the giant TV-like display your customers see your message.
  • Digital media player – This is like a network computer that works alongside the display panels to manage the messages, images, and content that appears on the panels.
  • Communication application– This application is used to communicate with the media player in order to effectively project the content through the player.
  • Central server – Much like a computer requires a server to run off of and to back up to, your digital display technology functions much the same way. Your digital signage technology also requires a wireless or cable Internet connection in order for all the pieces to communicate with one another.


Not too bad, right? Even if you are caught up in these components, simply think of your digital display set up like a giant computer, but with more capabilities and power to communicate to different locations.

For example, you don’t have to have your digital displays ALL in one store or all in one place in your office; they can be spread out through various locations, as long as each location can effectively communicate with your “central server”.

Action Aviator. Now that you are armed with the knowledge of how digital display advertising and technology works, now you can become your own “action aviator” by making it work for your own organization or business.

There are also various sources and services you can take advantage of. Most digital players are downloadable software. All that is required is setting up an account with a SaaS company (many are even free!), download the software for your computer or your mobile device’s operating system, and there you have it: your own messaging and marketing tool right at your fingertips. You can control all your digital displays in all your locations right in the palm of your hand.

Pretty powerful stuff.

Check out more digital player resources here.

Showcasing Success. Once you are set up and running, watch how digital signage works for you. Digital signage is sophisticated, professional, and maybe even a little contagious. Customers’ perception of your company or brand will change…for the better. Not only will they learn about who you are, but they won’t be able to help notice your eye-catching, vibrant, and electric display.

If you’re ready to learn more about digital signage and how to make it work for you for virtually nothing, then contact the expert team at Digital Signage today.

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