Tacoma, WA to Outlaw Digital Billboards

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in Advertising

The News Tribune reports Tacoma is holding a meeting right now to shut down a digital billboards installation proposal put forth by Clear Channel Outdoor. According to the article:

One of the opponents to emerge is local attorney Doug Schafer, who says he’s reviewed the city’s 1997 code seeking to rid billboards from Tacoma by 2007, as well as Clear Channel’s lawsuit against that ordinance and the settlement agreement ultimately struck between the city and the company.

First, there is a big difference between large format digital billboards and smaller form-factor digital signs. I too am highly against such digital billboards. I think there is a big problem with them for a couple of reasons. They are an eyesore. I really don’t care if research shows that they are not a hazard (which I have seen touted by DOOH sponsored research terms). Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

This is one of the reasons I regularly follow the Ban Billboard Blight blog: an Los Angeles based website which seeks to eliminate billboards in general, but based on my reading they are especially against the digital version. Those in large-format digital out-of-home space, like CBS Outdoor, would probably lash out at me for talking this way, but I agree with the comments at the end of the News Tribune post: “Stand your ground Doug! I think the overwhelming sentiment in Tacoma is in opposition to the settlement and the new digitals.”

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