Tablets in Digital Signage

Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 in Tablets, Uncategorized

The use of tablets in digital signage has always been a natural fit. Here are a few reasons why the market opportunity for tablets in out-of-home will only grow with time.

The Form Factor

Tablets represent a phase in the next step or evolution of digital sign advertising, especially when it comes to the form factor. With large losing it’s flair and granularity in the message forcing advertisers to hone the message, screens were inevitably going to get smaller. With a smaller screen comes a bigger responsibility to hone the message, make and make it more succinct. Perhaps tablets will force discipline back at the content creators.

It’s Interactive My Dear Watson

Interactivity in digital signage, especially when the audience is static, can be especially helpful in drawing them in, keeping them and converting them. Here are a few examples:

  • Bank teller digital signage with small form-factor tablets which allow the user to not only make a deposit, but also gives them a way to verify or otherwise interact with the screen. This helps the teller as well as allows for advertising of various financial products within the bank.
  • Tablet digital menus. With new devices and opportunities, like we’ve seen with Square, the market for tablets is only going to grow. Using the device to view and order menu items will also be helpful.
  • Urinal-topper digital signage. Oh wait, never mind, let’s not make that interactive. Multiple people touching the display in that environment gives me a nasty feeling inside.

Regardless of whether tablets are used to take orders or play games, they can provide a unique element of interactivity not had in current digital display screens.

It’s Cheaper

Need I say it? Tablets represent a massive decrease in the cost to deploy digital signage displays. Manufacturers are consistently pushing down the cost of producing tablets, making it as cost-effective to deploy 10 tablets as it is to install a single digital sign. So what if a smaller tablet only reaches 1/5 of the amount of people, if you can have 10x them for the same price, do the math. It pencils out.

Where will tablets take the industry? Time will tell, but one thing is for certain, they are not disappearing anytime soon.

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