StrandVision reached five billion of digital signage content pages

Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Advertising, Hardware, Software

A whopping five billion digital signage content pages were set on record last July 5 by StrandVision, a milestone reached through customer sites all over the world displaying their own content via various channels.

The company announced July 10 that it has served more than five billion pages to its customers because of its growing customer base and the increasing creation of digital signage pages as a result of a demand for content and information from employees, clients and customers.

An accelerating number of content pages and data are also being streamed by StrandVision customers to their respective customers, employees and guests over their digital signage networks. It is displayed through different channels like digital players and screens, virtual screens on the internal and external web sites, and employee home pages.

StrandVision offers a spectrum of easy-to-use free digital signage software to multi-installation location which includes a stream of integrated enterprise-wide and localized content. It can simply be scheduled for one or multiple displays by authorized users by logging on to the StrandVision Content Management System (CMS) on servers then the data and information will be distributed to the specific digital signage networks they have accessed.

Currently, StrandVision Digital Signage systems are installed in various industries like education, retail, church, and government institutions.

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