Solving Your IoT Security Concerns with Digital Signage

Posted by on Nov 15, 2015 in DOOH, Insight, Interactive, Social Media

IoT is taking over the world. Actually, it has already. It is transforming lives—the way we connect with one another, the way we interact socially, and the way we do business. Our love for technology and how it has shaped our lives is truly a revolution. In fact, according to Wikipedia, IoT will consist of close to 50 billion objects and devices by 2020.

The whole concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has caught on drastically—especially among millennials. Today’s concerns among consumers consist of “Is there Wi-Fi?” “Do I have ear buds?” and “Is there a place where I can charge my phone/device?” This is the power of IoT. As a result, this has changed how businesses market to consumers.

For marketers who implement digital signage software and technology to reach their consumers as a part of the IoT revolution, you might have some concerns regarding security, which is to be expected.

Here are some frequently asked questions about privacy and security and digital signage:

Is my information safe on the cloud?

Yes. Not only does digital signage software include firewall protection, we also offer products and servers that protect consumer data as well as back up and restore all information as needed.

Is there hardware involved?

Many small business owners and marketers are a little wary about downloading and using hard and software. We get it. From troubleshooting to security to licensing, who has time to deal with that? But our server software and hardware are purchased and owned by you—and that includes all licenses. No hassles, no worries.

How do I know if the cloud is the right solution for my business?

You’ve probably heard and read all about the cloud. But you have your issues with it. We get that too. This is why we offer both cloud and server-based software options. With digital signage software, users can make the choice based on what they think is the best option for their business.

Need help choosing? No problem. The expert team at Digital Signage is happy to provide support as well as personalized options that are best for your business.

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