Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Software

The auction for just finished over at NameJet. There were certainly less bidders in this auction than there were for the main domain when we purchased it back in 2008 and luckily the price was also much more reasonable as well.

According to Google, the exact match phrase [digital signage software] is searched approximately 6,600 times per month globally. Exact match keyword clicks cost about $9.41 per click, on average. On a broad match basis, the term is searched about 18,000 times per month and the average cost per click is $8.56.

For now, we’ve no other desire for the domain other than performing a forward to which will occur once full ownership and control is transferred our way.

It was a great buy for us and will be greatly helpful in garnering more traffic and leads for selling digital signage software solutions.


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