Society’s Growing Digital Signage Expectations

As we’ve discussed in recent blogs, digital signage technology has changed greatly in the last decade. As technology improves and advances, and more and more companies, businesses, and organizations use and take advantage of it in marketing strategies, content management, and to enrich user experiences, we’ve only begun to see digital signage appear and improve in sports arenas, restaurants, and at prime commuting locations.

In fact, as we begin to encounter more locations where digital signage is installed and presented, our society is beginning to look more and more like something out of Back to the Future, only our “future” is here and now.

For example, let’s look at video walls. Video walls are just what they sound like. They are entire walls filled with individual LED TV screens. These can be programmed to different channels or form one large picture simultaneously. As a result, a video wall has the ability to customize tile layouts and even pixel density to control the overall appearance, density, and clarity of the picture.

Video walls are commonly seen in control rooms, stadiums and sports arenas, and airports. However, video walls are becoming more common in order to display a picture at a large size so that visitors, audiences, and passersby can see it from a long distance. These are popping up in more locations such as office lobbies, universities, retail locations, and even libraries.

Our society has evolved and has become accustomed to “smart” technology, meaning Smartphones, tablets, and other devices. These devices that we can’t seem to live without are equipped with one form of technology that has changed the way we look at technology and use it: the touch-screen. The touch-screen gives us an customized and interactive experience each time we use it. Many businesses, particularly restaurants, have installed touch-screen menu boards and other displays for customers and patrons to order their food, which have proven to be very successful. Customers and target markets want an interactive, personalized, hands-on experience.

It may seem like HD technology is already old news, as practically every home today has at least one HD TV, especially since they’ve already decreased significantly in price. Old-fashioned analog TVs are no longer manufactured, and unless you are spending the weekend at your grandparent’s home, the only other place you will find an analog TV is in the Smithsonian museum.

Digital signage technology in all its forms, particularly video walls, digital menu boards, and other digital billboards and displays all incorporate HD technology. However, we’ve only begun to see what HD technology has in store for us. Ultra-HD resolution is promised to knock on our doors in 2014 and improve user experiences even more.

All in all, digital signage technology is no doubt an investment that will immediately provide a return for businesses. Contact us today for a quote on how you can install and take advantage of everything digital signage technology has to offer and how you can integrate it into your marketing strategy and user experience effectively and affordably.

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