Should You Weather-Proof Your Digital Signage?

Posted by on Nov 15, 2016 in Insight

Marketers and businesses all over the country are recognizing the benefits and advantages of digital signage and media. With content marketing and digital marketing using more video and live streaming, digital signage is becoming an incremental resource in executing an effective digital marketing campaign.

Marketers and even digital signage real estate owners invest a great deal of money into owning or “renting” their digital display places. And like any type of real estate or property, it’s all about location, location, location. Because of this, marketers and digital display owners want to protect their equipment, especially from the weather…

Read on to learn more about the importance of weather-proofing your digital signage equipment and how to go about it.

The Most Common Types of Weather Damage to Watch Out For…

The most common types of weather damage to watch out for with your digital signage and digital display equipment is UV damage, extreme temperatures changes, precipitation and high winds. Even excessive amounts of dirt and humidity can damage a display. For example, extreme temperatures can cause failure with LCD monitors.

Here are some tips on how to protect your digital signage equipment from weather damage:

  • Install displays under awnings or in protective enclosures to keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • Pay careful attention to which direction rain and snow fall during the winter.
  • Use lighter paint colors in order to reduce heat absorption, if possible. If your brand or logo contains darker colors, then choose a lighter color for the enclosure in order to reflect heat.
  • Use higher quality hardware for the installation of your digital display. Higher quality hardware is built to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Research electronic components to determine which are best for withstanding extreme weather conditions, elements, and dust and dirt.
  • Use high quality media players that are also built to hold up during severe weather and extreme temperature changes.
  • Protect touchscreens from glare or sun damage by installing canopies, enclosures, or anti-glare screens.
  • Plan outdoor setups and installations accordingly.

By spending a little more on hardware, equipment, components and even touchscreen shields and enclosures, you can ensure that your digital display will do what it’s designed to do for even longer, while also reducing the need for costly repairs.

Why Weather-Proofing Digital Displays is Always a Good Idea

All in all, weather-proofing and protecting your digital display and equipment is not only important for your business, the outcome and performance of your digital marketing strategy, it will also ensure the life of your investment and keep customers happy. If a customer approaches an outdoor digital kiosk only to find out that it doesn’t work due to sun damage, he or she will likely feel annoyed and won’t come back once it’s repaired.

Spend the time, money, and effort in the beginning to properly install and set up your digital display spaces to see a greater return on investment and customer retention.

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