Meeting Your Needs

Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in Hardware

A digital signage server is a component in the digital signage system whose function involves economies of scale. By nature a server functions to handle more than one digital signage, so depending on the scenario, a choice has to be made whether to have a hosted arrangement or buy your own media server.

When dealing with a digital signage provider you are usually faced with these two options. One is to get the service on as a cloud or hosted basis. There is a recurring fee involved in this transaction which is typically larger than the recurring fee involved when buying your own server and software. You sign up over a specified period of time then the hardware and software involved can also be had at a discount.

The advantage here is your initial cash outlay is less than compared to outright buying your server and software. It is less of a hassle in your part since the responsibility for content delivery, maintenance, etc. is in the hands of the digital signage provider.

If you have a lot of signage displays involved it may be better to purchase the signage server and the accompanying software. If you were to have it hosted the high recurring fee involved over a period of time would actually be able to pay for the server and software.  Of course you cannot avoid certain recurring fees like maintenance, yet even with this factored in it still comes out cheaper to purchase.

A good digital signage provider will give you this information and give you a clear picture of the costs involved. Don’t get too caught up on the cost issue though. Before you start out, be sure of your advertising plan and what are your intentions and goals.  This will serve as the guide post to what approach you will take with regards to the server and software.

You may be going back and forth with your choice and may wind up not really knowing what to do. The digital signage provider can offer some help, but in the final analysis a clear plan at your end will result to a good deal with your digital signage provider.


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