Second Screen Interaction: Consumers Want More

Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Advertising, Interactive

In a recent MarketingCharts survey (shown below) it’s evident that a majority of consumers want to interact, but not necessarily with the primary digital display.

The survey data indicates that consumers are all for interacting–at least when they are sitting on the couch vegging in front of their televisions. But the study was also indicative of what Verizon calls “borderless consumers,” defining them as those who

“use several devices and require connectivity, flexibility and choice whenever and wherever possible. They are defined as consumers who own a laptop or desktop, own a smartphone or tablet, have an internet-enabled device at all times, are motivated to make technology and connectivity upgrades, and are interested in the benefits of a connected home.”

According to the study, 54% of the borderless type want to interact with the display. This does play a role in digital signage, but it’s debatable as to how large of an influence such attitudes will have on out-of-home audiences. Those not at home behave much more erratically and differently and are most difficult to judge based on the type of venue.

In any event, we expect interactivity will become the norm as consumers demand more control. While surrendering control is not necessarily in the display manager’s or advertiser’s best interest, it can ultimately prove effective in some installation situations.

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