Salivating with Digital Menu Boards

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

There is nothing more frustrating than walking into a restaurant and struggling to read the small print on a faded and dirty menu board hanging on the wall behind the register. Who knows what is good on the menu. When I’m hungry I want painless decisions to make. Deciding what to eat should simple, straight forward, and easy. Spending endless time reading a menu is that last thing I want to do when my belly is ravaging for food.

The other day I walked into a Chinese restaurant after a long day of work. I was starving and hunting for the tastiest food. Upon the wall hung a series of flat screen TVs with bright vivid pictures of the most savory kung pao chicken and crispy green broccoli. I could feel my mouth drooling inside and I instantly knew what on the menu I was going to scarf down. My decision was made simple. I couldn’t get the sharp image of that freshly cooked Chinese food out of my head. I just had to have it.

I realized after eating my food that the owner of this restaurant was genius. He chose for his menu to use the highest quality screens to show people what his restaurant offers. I could easily read the whole menu intermixed with crisp pictures of the food. So smart! It made even a plain bowl of rice looks very appealing.

I knew then that menu boards would be the new way of presenting what is for sale. Everything looks so appealing on a nice digital menu board. You can’t help being naturally drawn toward whatever is presented on the screen. You can sell whatever you want on those things. Screw those dirty paper menus, plastic menu boards, and wrinkling posters on the wall. Digital menu boards are the new way to advertise.

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