Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Advertising, Pontifications

There has been a lot of talk about the evolution that’s taking place in the digital signage industry. Yet our common association with evolution has been more biological in nature and we talk of hundreds of thousands of years if not millions of years. Clearly digital signs are more than just signs and developments are happening at such a rapid pace. Some new developments happening in a year or two can alter set notions which were only recently set.

So is it an evolution or a revolution that is taking place? Revolution evokes speed and sudden change which contrasted against biological standards may seem a more apt description. Then again we must have other parameters to consider and yes it may be more of an evolution. I’ll stop the discussion on this matter here; what I just want to belabor is things are happening so fast!

Up to this point there are write-ups and blogs of digital signage becoming main stream.  Yet there is also talk that is should now be more of a digital media industry. There are also discussions of convergences in IT and advertising and the different and more effective avenues of reaching out to the client.

Just look at the new acronyms popping up. How many of the world’s population know the meaning of DOOH? Is this slang for do or the first note in the musical scale? So it means Digital Out Of Home and it all has to do with digital signage. Yet it can also be written as Digital OOH. Ooh, what does that mean?

So is this a good thing? Can’t we just take a break and fully use what we already have and then we move on? No, it doesn’t work that way. The rapid development has led to more developments and opened up new opportunities for more people.  Costs have also gone down and advertising technology and services which only large companies could afford are now available to smaller companies as well. It produces a more level playing field and a higher chance of success for the smaller guys.

The more discerning and adaptable digital signage companies will prosper and of course the others will perish.  So it is an evolution after all.


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