Creating and Choosing Relevant Content for Digital Signage

Posted by on Jun 30, 2011 in Content, DOOH

I used to love games like Candyland and Apples to Apples when I was a kid. Interestingly, I’m always looking for better, more efficient ways of doing things. And, as a result, I’m always making comparisons. Perhaps this is what has attracted me to digital signage as a method of advertising. Digital signage has the ability to specifically target consumers at the point of purchase.

When making comparisons to mediums of advertising, adjustments must be made to data measurement and comparison to ensure a more unbiased comparison—an apples to apples comparison. Otherwise, what you thought was an apple could be an orange, or worse yet, an onion. Missing detailed information can make decisions less informed.

When it comes to choosing digital signage content, making it an “apples to apples” decision can be extremely difficult. While choosing what to display is paramount to performance, picking other factors can be even more important. It’s a bit more difficult than running an ad Super Bowl, albeit less expensive.

The following factors can help digital signage advertisers make informed content deployment decisions:

  • Who is my audience? Are they male? Female?
  • How old is my audience? This can help determine whether interactivity such as SMS can be integrated with the signage.
  • Where is my audience? Venue type can say a lot about what may be displayed.
  • How long are the consumers viewing the screen? Do they have time to watch a scrolling ticker, or will a simple static ad that takes up half the screen be most effective?
  • How large is my audience? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly?
  • What time of day will my ads most likely be viewed? When is my optimum time to display?
  • Do I have a method of measuring my digital signage ROI?
  • Where is my audience specifically standing? Are they purchasing or perusing?
  • What is my message? What is my call to action?

All these factors and others are of utmost importance when choosing specifics in content deployment. Once we have the answer to many of these questions, we can make a much more informed decision between digital signage content brainstorming, creation, and deployment when comparing it to other forms of advertising.

Unlike other forms of media, digital signage content does not drive customers into the store, but drives them to act once they’re already there. Driving consumers means getting their attention. Digital signage may have the answers to moving customers who’re already purchasing.

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