Queue Management Software with FasterQ

Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Insight

We’ve officially released FasterQ, our queue management software solution. You can learn about the features by watching the video tutorial or checking out the open source code which you can fork on Github. As part of the open source StudioLite, FasterQ allows venues to manage customers, clients or groups in queue. Individuals can be added to the queue via the web, SMS, QR code or directly on location. Customer lines can be an unlimited length and each individual is verified using two-factor identification. Our client back-end also provides detailed usage statistics for users and groups of users. You can now view detailed statistics on customer wait line length and average wait time statistics. In tracking your wait lines, you are able to run multiple wait lines per location and multiple locations per account. And since FasterQ is tied directly to the SignageStudio Lite, you can not only integrate directly with any signage presentation, but you have the ability to download and alter the source code to fit your specific company needs. FasterQ also allows for display of an HTML component for showing customer wait lines using your digital signage screen.

We recognize this doesn’t necessarily represent an extreme breakthrough in features for out-of-home operators, but it is new to MediaSignage. It helps to showcase our commitment to our customers by regularly providing new features and functions that help to significantly enhance our existing products and services. We’ve blogged about this before, but now it’s finally become a reality.

We’ve also developed this into integration with a mobile iOS or Android application. For more information, please visit FasterQ.com.

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