Personal Digital Media Players Making Their Way to the Masses

Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in Hardware

Setting up a nice home theatre (spelled the sophisticated way) these days would not be complete without a Netflix or Hulu box. One of the best sytems to utilize these stellar products these days is Microsoft’s xBox. It’s interface and some of the ad-ons you can order online allow you to work it like a digital media player.

With the litany of digital media playing devices on the market these days, is it any wonder that the prices of digital signage media players are slowly dropping? I mean seriously, there are so many reasons to wonder why are digital signage players so darn expensive? It reminds me of the Tesla Motors business plan: charge a whole bunch of money for a product only the early-adopters and innovators use so it can pave the way for other products down the road.

The time has now come for more affordable hardware and software. When consumers can get an HD Netflix or Hulu device for about $100, is it any wonder that business owners scoff when you tell them some enterprise digital signage software package ranges in the multiple thousands? No and why should it.

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