Free Digital Signage (scheduled for Oct 13th)

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Public release on October 13, 2008     Public release of Free Digital Signage is around the corner. We pushed back the release to October 13th so we can fix a few more issues before we open the doors.  We want you to be impressed with the Signage presentation software we created so we are […]

Digital Signage shared media files

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Sharing your Signage with the world We are proud of our Digital Signage solution and we definitely want to get your feedback so we can make changes and improvements. One of things we are working on for the final release of the complete narrowcasting solution is shared resources. With this new upcoming feature of shared […]

Free Digital Signage vs $7000.00

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In the recent WireSpring Blog Bill Gerba ( ) estimated the avg cost of Digital Signage as $7000.00 for a 100 monitor setup.   Cost of a digital sign for 3 years 40″ LCD screen $1,500 Player hardware $1,200 Display mount $250 Player software $500 Management software & tech support $1,800 Installation $1,200 Initial project […]

Retail TV

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The business and technology behind place-based broadcast networks in retail stores Retail television networks arguably began in the 1970s, when several grocery retailers began showing pre-recorded advertising and informational content on in-store televisions. While the basic goals may be the same, today’s in-store TV networks enjoy several advantages over their predecessors, including nearly instantaneous content […]

Digital Signage Jobs

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Looking for a job. Do you know Adobe Flex / AIR ? We currently hiring experienced Abode AS3 developers for our Digital Signage Software platform. If you know your stuff contact us…

Digital Signage Player

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When we first started developing our Digital Signage Player we had a few set of requirements. However after about two years in developemt and LOTS of brainstorming and re-coding its amazing how our predefiened set of requiremenrs had changed. Also, when we first started our development cyclce Adobe AIR was still in early beta release […]

AIR vs WEB Digital Signage Player

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We have received lots of questions on “The difference between our AIR and WEB Studio and player” In short, AIRPlayer and AIRStudio require a quick installation and are desktop application versions. WEBPlayer and WEBStudio do not require any installation and you can start using them without installing any special software on your PC. If you are a […]

MediaSignage completing Digital Signage Player testing

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We have completed testing our first release of the Digital Signage Studio. Currently all testing is focused on Stress Testing and validating the Digital Signage Player socket remote use. Our C# backend had passed all stress tests with flying colors. Hope to see you on Oct 1st for final public beta release. Be sure to […]

Free Digital Signage

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Most of us had gotten used to Free Online services. We use free services which are very nice online web applications and sometimes don’t appreciate all that we are getting. Google Analytics, Free email, Free Storage, Free social networks, Free DocStok doc sharing, Free OpenDNS and more more more all FREE. These companies provide […]

Digital Signage is going strong….

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General spending was down on most traditional media in the first quarter of 2008 but as you can see below, Oudoor advertising is performing well .( better than most other traditional media ) , and even maintained positive growth, says OAAA’s weekly newsletter Outdoor Outlook, citng Robert Coen’s July 2008 report on advertising expenditures. (OAAA is […]