MediaSignage now has MediaPlayers

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We now have our Media Players available for sale: Please see here:

What to do if you get a “Download failed” during 1.6 update to 1.7

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Since we changed the SSL certificate in release 1.7, any previous release of 1.X must be uninstalled before you install the new 1.7 release. This will be the ONLY time you will ever be required to do an unsinstall and installl for the AIRPlayers and AIRStudio. it is known and you must uninstall the AIRPlayer […]

Release 1.6 is out. Release 1.7 is cooking…

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Release 1.6 changed some core functionality of the Watchdog, which by the way is now called the SignageController.bat as some users complained on the forum that Watchdog was a punitive term. Here is the break down of release .16: 1.6.285 New Watchdog developed in C++ (now called SignageController) with better performance and enhanced functionality 1.6.285 […]

Digital Signage Hardware

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We created a new forum for Digital Signage Media Players ( hardware solutions ). View here:

Digital Signage Streaming Server powered by Wowza

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We posted this cool new Video Tutorial on how to setup your own LAN Live Video Streaming Server: Hope you enjoy it !!!

Digital Signage Catalog

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Learn how to use the powerful new feature of our new Catalog release which is now available in 1.5:

Optimizing XP for Digital Signage and Kiosk

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We have posted a new Digest on optimizing XP for Digital Signage and Kiosk:

Media Player from MediaSignage

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We have a new Digest for very inexpansive hardware: Read here:  Sean –

Please help us. We need to know what you think !!!

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Follow the link beleow to help us collect your opinion: [CLICK  HERE TO ENTER THE SURVEY PAGE]   Thank you for your interest in MediaSignage, David –

Digital Signage poll

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