Types of Touchscreen Digital Displays

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The following outlines some of the available touch screen applications that could be currently used in the digital signage and kiosk markets. If you have any questions regarding touch screen sign applications, please contact us. Resistive Several layers make up a resistive touchscreen panel. There are two layers that are the most important. They are […]

Touchscreen is the Homosapien in the Evolution of Digital Signage

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Product lifecycles may seems fickle, but they are often predictable. Contrast that with the rise and fall of specific animal species. Consider for a moment the Dodo bird. It was virtually categorized for extinction. As a species, the DoDo was an ecologically naive, bland tasting bird, but was an easy catch for sailors who were […]

Ad Networks in DOOH

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In their 2007 publication, “Lighting up the Aisle”, industry consultant experts, Laura Davis-Taylor and Adrian Weidman refer to the choices between digital signage business models as correlated directly with the following key factors: 1. How much you want to control it 2. How much you want to spend 3. Your appetite for risk At first […]

Digital Signage Books

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Sometime ago, I completed two industry specific books. I’ve been meaning to address them on the blog, but have not, as yet, had the opportunity. The first was Jimmy Schaeffler’s “Digital Signage: Software, Networks, Advertising, and Displays” as part of the executive technology briefings of the National Association of Broadcasters. My other recently completed work […]

The New Tricaster by NewTek

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TriCaster by NewTek is a recently released hardware/software bundle for broadcasters that allows for streaming content creation by “anyone who can operate a computer.” The signal can then be sent as a standard broadcast stream, or over the web. According to the Wired post: The TriCaster is essentially a high-powered computer with special ports. Like […]

Why Purchasing an “Off” Brand LCD Can Cause Problems

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Before we go into the whys, let’s first discuss the three tiers of digital display manufacturers: Tier 1 -These companies design, manufacture and market their own HD displays. The companies should be familiar to you: Samsung, Panasonic, etc. Tier 2 -Tier 2 includes known brands from established companies like Zenith (an LG company) or Magnavox […]

“Clear” Replaces “Xhom” for 4G Expansion with $3.2B in Hand.

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This project hits a bit close to home for me. In a former life, I sold Clearwire services throughout the Seattle area as an owner of Ascent Marketing. Their service was great! In fact, I know Seattle Digital Signage is currently using the Clearwire service in their Taxi Cab Digital Signage Network, installed in a […]

NYU Video Wall

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When some people do things, they do them right. This was certainly the case with Dan Shiffman, professor at NYU. Instead of giving final exams using a #2 pencil, Shiffman instead uses a 120 video wall, the equivalent of six 16:9 displays end-to-end. Shiffman has created the screens complete with SMS interactivity with text-to-screen technology. […]

Using SMS Mobile Marketing to Measure Digital Signage ROI

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Much like Kip of the famed Napoleon Dynamite film, “I love technology…always and forever.” I also love how it makes life easier, more interesting, and more fun. Of late, I’ve been working feverishly on a project I believe will revolutionize two distinct and separate industries: digital signage and SMS text marketing. The revolution will not come fast […]

Where is Digital Media Headed?

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A recent MarketingCharts report showed “outdoor” (of which digital signage is a part), commands a minute 1.9% of total market penetration, but is expected to have a CAGR in excess of 22% in the coming year. This does not compare to the growth we’ve seen in online search which is still growing at 24% from […]