Non-Traditional Restaurant Menus

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in DOOH

If you are looking to open a restaurant in the near future (and many may be given the statistics I read a few years back which indicated that restaurants were one of the most popular businesses to start) you will probably want to find something that makes you stand out from the competition a little bit. Consider a number of new fandangled devices which will allow you a bit of leeway in differentiated yourself from the competition.

Digital Menu Boards

These devices are especially useful in the quick serve restaurant motif, where patrons stand behind a counter and look up at a menu. You know the type, unless of course you have yet to frequent a McDonald’s or Burger King in the last 20 years. These types of menus are quickly being replaced by dynamic digital signage displays using high-impact LCD televisions equipped with media players whose software has the capability of playing back content a prescheduled times. It can help to make the food being displayed on the menus as simply delectable.

Perhaps you are not opening up a new restaurant, but are doing a bit of a remodel and would like to install some fabulous new LCD televisions to showcase your menu items. Digital menu boards can certainly help make this dream a reality.

Tablet Menus

But what if you are not operating a quick serve restaurant? What if you own something a bit more up-class? Perhaps it is a restaurant frequented by people who would come to spend a little bit more coin on each menu item. And, let us further assume that you are not pleased with your ability to successfully showcase and market some of your “higher-end” menu pieces to potential customers. Perhaps an iPad, Google Android or Motorola Xoom menu will be something that will work better for you. If this is the case, there are a number of different development pieces that can be implemented to ensure you are able exactly what you wish to your customers.

Tablet PCs have been available for some time now, but using them in the digital menu arena is something that is a bit more unique and new. In fact there are many restaurants across the country which have implemented such a system and are finding success with them, not from just a flashy perspective, but from a real ROI perspective.

Let me illuminate with a specific example. A restaurant which is now using tablet menus has seen un uptick in some of the most expensive wines the company offers. It may just be that the iPad itself makes people feel privileged. Whatever the case, even without the enhanced ROI, the enhanced ambiance is something which can be touted even more heavily.

POS Systems

While point of sale systems have been around for years, their use and integration with iPad-like applications will certainly become of utmost importance in the coming years. In fact, we may one day see a complete annihilation of the point-of-sale systems as we know it. A day when all transactions are performed with smaller handheld devices like tablet PCs and phones.

What other technologies do you see which will enhance the restaurant owners’ and visitors’ experience?

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